The Creativepreneurship Program is a study program under BINUS Business School Undergraduate Program that addresses creativity needs and entrepreneurships.  Align with International accreditation achievement through AACSB since 2020. The Program prioritizes the quality of the teaching and learning process align with Student Outcomes needed by Stakeholders.

The graduates will earn a Bachelor of Business that focuses on building businesses in creative industries and developing a company based on creativity. This Program will explore the Creativepreneurship as leadership in business that explores ICT commercialization with a practical, creative entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and attitude required to develop new business ideas in the emerging technological innovation domain. The outcomes of the creativepreneur project are intended for the continuous pursuit of successful business growth to capture value for the firm sustainably and ethically, moreover, actively contribute to the prosperity of the society at large.

Experiential Learning Techniques and Innovation Practices, i.e., Entrepreneurship Living Laboratory, Practical Market Testing and Commercializing, Investor Pitch, Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling, Facilitating Program, are used to gain practical knowledge, skills, and attitudes in technology innovation development, commercialization, and innovative venture creation.


A world-class business school, fostering and empowering the society in serving and building the nation.


Providing world class business education to build the nation and to contribute to community development by means of:

  • Educating BINUSIANs to develop exemplary characters through holistic approach.

Educating BINUSIANs to be ethical & innovative graduates with multiple skills to deal with business challenges using holistic approach.

  • Resolving business and entrepreneurship issues with meaningful and relevant research.

Encouraging BINUSIAN to advance knowledge and practices with high quality research for resolving business and entrepreneurship issues.

  • Fostering BINUSIANs through self-enrichment.

Nourishing BINUSIANs’ SPIRIT for improving personal and professional capabilities.

  • Empowering BINUSIANs to continuously improve business community.

Invigorating BINUSIANs to solve the business community challenges through academic and community service activities.


  • Business Concept

Each student should be able to apply business concept.

  • Entrepreneurial Acumen

Each student should be able to demonstrate entrepreneurial acumen by applying creative, innovative, analytical thinking as well as applying communication skills, and ICT skills.

  • Ethics

Each student should be able to apply ethical and professional values.

  • Sustainable Business Perspective

Each student should be able to articulate sustainable business perspective in exercising business.


Sarjana Bisnis (S.Bns.)

Bachelor of Business

Program Concentration

Prospective Career

By the end of the study program, the student will have the potential to achieve success in establishing creative careers as an individual who starts a new creative business enterprise, entrepreneur, eBusiness Startup, Business Innovator, Business Developer, Business Planner, Business Consultant, Business Leader, Business Facilitator, Cyber/Digital Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Business Analyst, e-Commerce Specialist, Intrapreneur, Sociopreneur, or Technopreneur.

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