Student Registration And Service Center (SRSC)

Student Registration and Service Center (SRSC) consists of three sub units, those are Student Service, Student Financial Service, and Registration Administration. The Student Service Sub Unit serves student administrative needs, such as registration information, application of students’ leave, and service for academic document needs, for example letters for active student, student surveys and internship. The service is done on site by attending Student Service Center (SSC) Room at Anggrek Campus. The service is also presented by help desk in which the students are able to access information concerning their problem by internet in BINUS Maya ( The Student Financial Service Sub Unit serves students’ financial matters, such as tuition fee information, auto debit of students’ tuition fee and students scholarship. The Registration Administration Sub Unit compiles academic scheduling for conducting courses, mid and final exam, thesis exam, and internship.

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Academic Operation Center (AOC)

The Academic Operation Center (AOC) is founded to support the learning process at BINUS UNIVERSITY by ensuring an effective management of the following:

  • Lecturing and examinations
  • Lecturer payment processing
  • Student marks processing

The AOC sub-units include:

    • Lecturing and Examination Sub-Bureau
    • Student Marks Sub-Bureau

Lecturing and Examination
The Lecturing and Examination Sub-Bureau operates from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on three campuses: Anggrek Campus, Syahdan Campus and Kijang Campus, with a total of 19 employees.

This unit is responsible for all lecture-related processes carried out by BINUS UNIVERSITY, such as:

  • Preparation and process of student and lecturer attendance
  • Preparation of course materials and lecturing equipment
  • Preparation of subject material and lecturing equipment
  • Room use
  • Exam preparation and implementation
  • Lecturer payment process

Student Marks
The Student Marks Sub-Bureau is located on the Anggrek campus. It is staffed by seven employees, and is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This unit is responsible for student marks processing carried out by BINUS UNIVERSITY, such as:

  • Taking marks and exam papers from lecturers
  • Handling student protests over marks
  • Mark process and study report
  • Graduate data processing
  • Graduate document printing
  • Student marks documentation

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Software Laboratory Center (SLC)

Software Laboratory Center (SLC) a technical services unit at BINUS UNIVERSITY that specifically provides software-based practical work to students. Currently, the SLC office is located on the 6th and 7th floors of the Anggrek campus. SLC offers learning facilities and practical work support for subjects which need direct lab work. Its personnel consist of 150 staff to guide the students and help the lecturers to seek and obtain required knowledge and information.

SLC also provides computer facilities and Cyber@ccess, a network of 70 PCs designed to help students access the Internet.

Currently, SLC has more than 1200 computer units distributed across 30 practical work rooms to service BINUSIANs. About 400 of these are upgraded annually. Each is equipped with the latest software packages for student use.

To help assistants and staff to focus on the teaching process and subject content development, SLC services are divided into several founding subject categories. Lab rooms are arranged according to the practical work group available. The categories are:

  • Programming (Basic and Advanced Programming)
  • Database
  • Desktop Application and Programming
  • Multimedia
  • Office Applications
  • Networking
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Web Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence

There are also facilities and lab rooms which focus on specific learning processes and are directly managed by specific units or departments:

  • CISCO Applied Networking
  • Linguistic Lab / Self-Access Learning Language Centre

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Library and Knowledge Center (LKC)

The BINUS Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) functions as an information, research, documentation, and publication center to support current and future learning, research, and civil service facilities. Users get quick, appropriate, and easy services either by on-site service or via the Internet ( Wi-fi is installed in all reading rooms.

BINUS LKC has around 70,000 collection of printed books, in-house and international scientific journals, CD-ROMs, VCDs, cassettes, magazines, and newspapers arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system. The collection can be accessed through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) on the LKC website.

Digitalized collections have been developed consisting of e-thesis S1, e-thesis S2, e-Articles, e-Research, e-Papers, and e-Info Package compiled by the Dublin Core system, with up to 10,000 entries. There are also three e-journal databases comprising 4,000 titles.

BINUS LKC is automated and integrated with a learning process called Multi Channel Learning (MCL). LKC services three locations. The 1400-square meter library on the Anggrek campus functions as a center, supported by the 286-square meter Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC) library located at Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6 and the 135-square meter Kijang Campus at Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir III no. 45. LKC collaborates

Both LKC and SALLC are places for independent learning. Each is open for about eight hours per day, with a 24-hour accessible service.

The web-based service supports circulation, reference, acquisition, communication, learning, new collections, and promotion. In 2008, BINUS LKC launched a service for alumni that has since then enabled them to access LKC collections and services.

With a dedication to personal development and innovation, BINUS LKC aims to build a truly world-class university library. For more details, please visit the website:

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