Academic Support Service

Student Advisory Center (SAC)

SAC is a supporting unit at BINUS UNIVERSITY, aimed to:

  • provide assistances and services for students in both academic and non-academic matters.
  • assist students to improve their academic and employability skills.
  • conduct various activities to support students during their study at BINUS UNIVERSITY.

To improve students’ self-development, SAC provides a Personal Development Program by organizing various activities such as Academic Study Skills Training and Employability Skills Training. Those activities are conducted to support BINUS UNIVERSITYgraduates to be able to recognize their potential and to be ready to compete in global competition.

SAC also provides Mentoring Program to help students to improve their academic achievement. In this program, SAC facilitates students to create learning communities where they have opportunities to learn various subjects in the semester, to share academic and non academic matters and to motivate one another for better achievement. This program also gives opportunities for students to enroll themselves as mentors to supervise other students or as mentees to be supervised.

One other program provided by SAC is Counseling Program. In this program, SAC provides some counselors to assist students to develop their academic achievement and provide solutions of every student’s problem.

All services are provided to develop BINUS UNIVERSITY Students to be Good and Smart persons.

Further information:
Student Advisory Center (SAC)
Anggrek Campus, 5th Floor, Room 511

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Community Development Center

For every child, there’s a dream of a successful future. For some children, the dream will only remain as a dream. BINA NUSANTARA Foundation is aware of that fact. The foundation believes that a better life is achievable through a better education. That is the reason why BINUS Foundation incorporates the Teach For Indonesia (TFI) program within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda.

The TFI program focuses on developing the community’s education with emphasis on non-degree education and skill. This program is supported by individuals, as well as profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

Besides philanthropic activities, TFI also focuses on community developmental aspects based on the UN Millennium Development Goals, UN Global Compact Network (BINUS University as a member of this organization in Indonesia), EQUIS (European International Accreditation System) Community Development Concept, and ISO 2001 Framework of Community Development.

However, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Therefore, TFI is actively conducting partnerships with organizations and institutions to widen its programs’ scopes. Through these partnerships, BINA NUSANTARA hopes to be able to create a more significant change to the community, instead of just to the institution itself.

During the years, TFI has conducted programs like training (for teacher certification program and for students), workshops and seminars (both for teachers and students). Other activities, such as scholarship distributions, donations, and campaigns, have also been conducted within the TFI program and public can learn more about TFI through

Every year, BINA NUSANTARA allocates Rp. 7 billion for various scholarship programs. This amount is distributed for talented students (both in academic and non-academic talents) who are willing to pursue their study at BINA NUSANTARA University. BINA NUSANTARA also conducts the BINUS Talent Kid Scholarship in the Elementary, Junior, and Senior High School Level.

Another ongoing TFI activity is a partnership with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), a non profit organization. BINUS has been supporting the RBCAB (Rumah Belajar Cinta Anak Bangsa), a computer and language course program of YCAB.

BINA NUSANTARA is also actively involved in disaster recovery programs throughout the country, such as Jogja (Gempa dan Merapi), Wasior, Padang, Situ Gintung, etc.

Through these activities, BINA NUSANTARA hopes to be able to extend the dream of a successful future nationwide. Hopefully, with continuous support from organizations and individuals, this program will never cease to grow, and BINA NUSANTARA will be able to embrace others towards global success.

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Program Development Center – BINUS Square

The Program Department is a program unit designed for all BINUS SQUARE boarders. The programs are created for the boarders’ academic, social and personal developments. These activities are mostly done by the boarders and for the benefits of themselves as well; with the Program Department as the supervisor and guide of each activities/programs.

Academic Programs
These programs are conducted each semester (twice a year) to enhance the boarders’ academic development. The programs are as follows: Study Group (making a self-awareness of studying), Tutoring (boarders are taught and coached by their high-achieving seniors), Learning Communities (boarders study together in groups) , English Conversation Program (an English based social discussion with different themes each session), etc.
Social Programs
These programs are designed to improve the boarders’ social development and are conducted randomly and twice a year or even annually. The programs are as follows: Movie Watching (usually given during holiday session, the boarders are given movies that has moral and educative values), Charity Program (annually or depends on the current situation, the boarders visit or do fund raising for the needs; orphans, elderly, etc), Beginning and End of Semester Gatherings (usually done each semester during the beginning and the end of each passing semester, filled with performances by boarders), etc.
Personal Development Programs
These programs are designed to expand the boarders’ personal development regularly each semester. The programs are divided into two types: Seminar and Workshop. Each of these programs is given so that the boarders may learn something new or expand their own unique talents or brilliant ideas. Program Department even give the chance for the boarders to request a seminar/ workshop idea and even letting them manage the program (with certain conditions fulfilled).
Besides these programs, boarders also get the chance to develop their leadership and soft skills through organizational life called the Student Committee. This organization is created to fulfill the boarders’ need of putting all the programs and ideas together. Under the Program Department, the Student Committee’s members are fully supervised and guided to create, implement and evaluate their own activities/ programs in a professional and well-educated system.

All of these activities/ programs are aiming to make the boarders active and thus, having the sense of teamwork, excellence and self-improvement. Program Department always encourages the boarders to share their ideas and even their feelings. Hopefully, the boarders’ living experience at BINUS SQUARE may become the memorable experience which is not only fun but also honing them so that one day they are professionally well-equipped in their future life.

For more information, contact:
Program Department
Jl. Budi Raya No.21,Kebon Jeruk West Jakarta 11530, 1st Floor

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