An organization, which holds high the quality, always tries to satisfy the customers. Top management commitment is not enough to present the qualified product/service. Each organization needs to apply integrated quality management and involve every personnel in the organization. In the beginning, ISO 9001 standard was planned to be the parameter for manufacture industry. Later on, the need of quality management application in service industry, which refers to the ISO 9000 standard, develops, including in educational institution.

BINUS assumed that the quality management application in university is urgent. Its application process is more difficult compared to manufacture company because it is handled virtually. The quality creation process is even more difficult if the organization does not have any quality management system yet.

University quality management system, started by BINUS UNIVERSITY on 1996, has been acknowledged internationally on 1997. BINUS achieved ISO 9001 Certificate on November 17th, 1997 because of its application and contribution of quality management system in the scope of curriculum design and lecture materials, lecture operational, teaching and research.

Obtaining the award was not an easy matter. BINUS UNIVERSITY underwent six stages process, -preparation, document compilation, implementation and auditing, improvement and prevention, and finally the certification itself. The process began with the forming of Info Plan, which is the information on utilization strategy for institutional management.

The Certification has been renewed on February 10th, 2005. Furthermore, BINUS UNIVERSITY has successfully upgraded its Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2000 requirement on November 13th, 2001

ISO 9001 Certificate is the ultimate recognition of global quality. BINUS is the first university in Indonesia, which achieved ISO 9001 Certificate. It proved that BINUS UNIVERSITY has been ready to face the era of globalization. The achievement has made BINUS aware that quality is the most important thing, -its application, maintenance, and continuous improvement.
It is important to each university to ´learn´ in order to improve the knowledge and ability of the students.

Active student learning pattern and achievement of serious institutional goals using Balance Scorecard Approach have been designed in harmony with the development of knowledge and ability supported by quality management system, which has applied some improvement steps to the content and human resources since 2001.