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The Creativepreneurship Program is a study program under BINUS Business School Undergraduate Program that addresses creativity needs and entrepreneurships. Align with International accreditation achievement through AACSB since 2020. The Program prioritizes the quality of the teaching and learning process align with Student Outcomes needed by Stakeholders.
As the world’s largest business education alliance, AACSB International (AACSB) connects educators, students, and business to achieve a common goal: to create the next generation of great leaders. Founded in 1916, AACSB is the longest-serving global accrediting body for business schools, and the largest business education network connecting students, educators, and businesses worldwide. AACSB International (AACSB) announces that BINUS Business School at Bina Nusantara University has earned accreditation.
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Fostering and Empowering through global community development and sustainable innovation.


Living Lab

Pencarian Ide Bisnis Mahasiswa di Lapangan (Tahun ke 1)
Living Lab

Manawa Festival

Prototyping Bisnis Mahasiswa (Tahun ke 2)
Manawa Festival

Business Pitch

Presentasi Kepada Calon Investor (Tahun ke 3)
Business Pitch

Monev SRL

Aplikasi Monitoring SRL Bisnis Mahasiswa.
Monev SRL

Faculty Members

Dosen Program Studi.
Faculty Members

International & Expert Guest Lectures

Dosen Tamu (Nasional & Industri) Program Studi.
International & Expert Guest Lectures

Study Abroad

Mahasiswa Study Abroad (International)
Study Abroad


Alumni Creativepreneurship Department


  • Mathew Hawk Elniko

    CEO of Atmes My name is Mathew Hawk Elniko, I’am an alumni of Bina Nusantara University Class of 2022 Majoring Creativepreneurship, I studied for 4 years. I got a lot of lessons while studying at Bina Nusantara, not only lessons but mentoring about the business we are in. the mentors are very detailed and very patient in guiding […]
  • Lukitanto Hans Gunawan

    Hi, I’m Lukitanto Hans Gunawan, alumni of Binus Bandung, Creativepreneurship Department. I am proud to be able to study at Binus and graduate in 3.5 years. Lecturers and coaches at Binus have helped my business grow because of their knowledge, support, and input. Tentu, creativity itu ada ilmunya!
  • Josef Janner

    @JJ_Auto_Rent & Josef Janner My name is Josef Janner, I’m an alumni of Bina Nusantara University @Bandung Class of 2023, majoring Creativepreneurship. Being Creativepreneurship program best graduate, I express my gratitude to Bina Nusantara University @Bandung, which has provided all the knowledge and expertise to build my credibility as a professional enterpreneur. BINUS has unique program that create young […]
  • Mustika Ghiarchy Mahasanggita

    GRC PRODUCTION My name is Mustika Ghiarchy Mahasanggita, I’m an alumni of Bina Nusantara University Class of 2022 Majoring Creative Preneurship. I studied only for 3.5 years because with a lot of help from the campus and lecturers who provide useful knowledge about business. Even after graduating, I got a job fairly easily while building a business […]
  • Valeska Alief Suwastika

    Founder of Palugada Streetwear I am Valeska Alief Suwastika and I am Alumni of Creativepreneurship study program at Bina Nusantara University Bandung in 2023. I am Founder of Palugada Streetwear. I got a good experience when studying in Creativepreneurship because I got a complete curriculum and practice that helped me to build and develop my business.
  • Kevin Diosyach Ardo

    Founder Yorigo Kohi Coffee Shop After I took a lecture at Creativepreneurship which was practice-based, especially on the enrichment track, it was very helpful in building a business for both MSMEs and large businesses. Business is not just developing, but also innovations and other things that make every business have “value” to develop and compete.
  • Samantha Abella

    Alumni & Master’s Degree at University Canada West My name is Samantha Abella, I’m an  alumni of Bina Nusantara University Bandung majoring in Business Creativepreneurship 2021. I can confidently say that my experience was exceptional, the well-rounded curriculum and practical approach of the faculty helped me to develop a deep understanding of the business world and prepared me for the challenges of Entrepreneurship. […]
  • Agung Pratama Putra Ardianto

    Owner - Berawal Coffee Hi, my name is Agung Pratama Putra Ardianto, I am a student at Binus University Bandung 2022. The positive impression when I studied at Binus University majoring in creativepreneurship, I gained a lot of knowledge to run the business that I was building. besides that, in the creativepreneurship, we can also apply the knowledge that […]

    Owner - TF Cleaner Kesan : The experience of studying in the Creativepreneurship program is very fun, especially for those who really want to start a business, because in Creativepreneurship itself we are required to create our own business and the tasks given are related or one linear with the business that will be run, so during the study […]





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Awal Kuliah Semester Ganjil 2023/2024 (11 September 2023)


  • The Traits You Need to Build Executive Presence

    Aspiring leaders have long been told they need “executive presence” to be considered for senior roles. Traditionally this has boiled down to three attributes: gravitas, strong communication skills, and the “right” appearance. But what does that look like today? A recent survey sheds light on how our views have changed over the last decade. Gravitas. […]
    The Traits You Need to Build Executive Presence
  • Ekonomi Kreatif

    Hai binusian! Kalo kalian lahir di tahun antara 1995 sampai 2010 kalian termasuk sebagai generasi yang melek teknologi dan kreatif loh. Tapi yang kreatif bukan hanya Gen Z aja, ada juga loh yang namanya Ekonomi Kreatif atau disingkat sebagai EKRAF. Sandiaga Salahudin Uno selaku Menteri pariwisata dan ekonomi kreatif meyakini bahwa ekonomi kreatif akan menyumbangkan […]
    Ekonomi Kreatif
  • Inovasi Sosial di Indonesia

         Indonesia, dengan keragaman budaya dan kompleksitas masalah sosialnya, semakin menguatkan peran inovasi sosial sebagai solusi bagi tantangan-tantangan yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat. Para pemikir dan pelaku inovasi sosial di Indonesia berupaya memanfaatkan kreativitas dan teknologi untuk menciptakan solusi yang berkelanjutan. Misalnya, melalui platform digital dan aplikasi, banyak inisiatif yang mengarah pada peningkatan akses pendidikan […]
    Inovasi Sosial di Indonesia


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