“A World-class university fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation.”


The mission of BINUS University is to build  the nation and to contribute in global community development by providing world class education by means of :

  • Educating BINUSIAN to develop exemplary characters through holistic approach that meets global standards.

Educating BINUSIAN to be leaders with multiple skills by providing holistic approach using global standards and hands-on entrepreneurial learning experiences.

  • Resolving the nation’s issues through high impact research.

Guiding BINUSIAN to resolve the nation’s issues through high impact and internationally recognized research by integrating the nusantara’s diversity and wisdom for enriching quality education.

  • Fostering BINUSIAN as lifelong learners through self-enrichment.

Nourishing BINUSIAN spirit to develop exemplary character through personal and professional growth by leveraging best practices for lifelong learning.

  • Empowering BINUSIAN to continuously improve society’s quality of life.

Transforming BINUSIAN to be empowering agents through community service programs that improve the quality of life needed for building and serving the nation.

  • Being the main driver to enrich the BINUS Higher Education system.

Enriching the quality of  Higher Education by utilizing the best practices to consolidate a world class Education system with a unified spirit to foster and empower.


Based on our belief in God, our passion for education, and our view of a bright future, we are committed to developing the nation and to building a global community through education and technology.

This commitment is reflected in the values of Bina Nusantara, which become the guidance of our actions:

  • Striving for excellence.
    We continuously do our best to achieve high quality results in every aspect of our work.
  • Perseverance.
    We stay calm, focused, never give up, and quickly recover in overcoming challenges.
  • Integrity.
    We are honest, transparent, sincere, and courageous in doing the right thing.
  • Respect.
    We Care for others; we value differences and contributions from every individual
  • Innovation.
    We encourage creative, breakthrough, and sustainable ideas to continuously improve processes in order to achieve better results.
  • Teamwork.
    We believe in the importance of collaborative, effective, and trustful working relationships as one team.

Quality Policy

BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to building the nation and to contributing in global community development by providing world class education that fosters and empowers the society.

Quality Objectives 2021-2025

  • Two out every three graduates work in the global companies or become entrepreneurs within six months upon graduation.
  • One out of every three graduates holds certificates of competence.
  • All Graduates have international Experience
  • One out of every three students participates in the activities of empowering the society which have high impacts.
  • All Faculty Members have International Papers.
  • 1000 Intellectual property rights have been legally registered.
  • One out of three study programs has been accredited internationally.
  • The Academic Satisfaction Index achieves 80%.
  • The Stakeholder Satisfaction Index achieves 80%.