Sumber Pendanaan Tahun Anggaran Judul Penelitian Peneliti
UBINUS 2005 – 2006 So What Gitu Lho, Presenter Code Transfer Phenomena of MTV and Its Effect on Students Clara Herlina Dra., M.Hum
UBINUS 2005 – 2006 Model Development Multicultural Based Economics English Language Teaching Materials In UBiNus Nafan Tarihoran, M.Hum
UBINUS 2005 – 2006 Relationship of English Language Learning Strategies and Learning Outcomes of Non-English Students at Ubinus Jakarta Masda Surti Simatupang
UBINUS 2006 – 2007 Teacher’s Use of Code-Swithing in the Classroom and Its Implications on Students’ Understanding Dra Clara Herlina, M.Hum
UBINUS 2006 – 2007 Sexuality in the Representation of Angles in America and Saman Dra. Ruth Sih Kinanti, M.Hum Rina Patriana Ch. A.,md, SS
UBINUS 2006 – 2007 Perspective on Usage of Aku and Saya in the communications between lecturers and students from Sociolinguistical point of view Dra. Ienneke Indra Dewi, M.Hum Vicky, SS
UBINUS 2007 – 2008 Voices of alienation and Emptiness in Cyril Wong’s Unmarked Treasures Dra. Ruth Sih Kinanti, M.Hum
UBINUS 2007 – 2008 The Comparison of monilinguals and bilinguals in the english language acquisition – the study of bilingualism Dra. Ienneke Indra Dewi M.Hum
UBINUS 2007 – 2008 Correlation of Lecturer Capability in Designing Learning and Lecturer Professional Attitude with Effectiveness of English Learning at the University of Bina Nusantara Naf’an Tarihoran, M.Hum.
UBINUS 2008 – 2009 The comparison of the metaphors used in the leaners’ materials and the native speakers’ The Study of Semantics and Pragmatics Dra.Ienneke Indra Dewi M.Hum
UBINUS 2008 – 2009 Self-assessment and peer assessment to improve learning outcomes of students in grade grammar: an experimental study in Grammar IV Class of English Literature Department, University of Bina Nusantara Dra. Wiwik Andreani, M.Hum
UBINUS 2008 – 2009 Benefits of Using Web 2.0 Technology to Enhance Student Writing Skills & Attitudes towards use of Said Technology in the Writing Classroom: An Experimental Study of two Writing II Class: Department of English Literature University of Bina Nusantara Irfan Rifai , S.Pd, M.Ed. Wishnoebroto, S.Pd. M.Hum.,MA.
UBINUS 2008 – 2009 How do Binusian students taking English subjects value English in relation to the English Language Teaching (ELT) contexts at Binus University? Almodad B. Asmani, S.S., M.Ed (TESOL International)
UBINUS 2008 – 2009 Analysis of English Lecturers Teaching Strategies in Multi Channel Learning System Dra.Clara Herlina Karjo, M.Hum Nana Sofiani, SS.


Sumber Pendanaan Tahun Anggaran Judul Penelitian Peneliti
DIKTI – Dosen Muda 2008 Effects of Education and Media in using the word Aku and Saya on Teenager and Children Dra. Ienneke Indra Dewi, M.Hum.
Risa Rumentha Simanjuntak, SE., MA., MApp.Ling – D3079
DIKTI – Block Grant 2008 Increasing Competence of English Teachers for Contextual and Global Perspective Learning Risa Rumentha Simanjuntak, S.S., M.App.Ling., M.A
DIKTI – Dosen Muda 2009 Assesment Alternatives to Increase English Writing Skills Dra Wiwik Andreani M.Hum Akun , S.PD., M.Hum