This study program focuses on the strategy of marketing communications, where the graduates can become leaders who are able to create innovative communication strategies, especially in the field of marketing communications. They will also have the ability to analyze and predict existing problems to determine marketing communication strategies in their companies.
The curriculum in the MASTER of STRATEGIC MARKETING COMMUNICATION program in the BINUS GRADUATE PROGRAM is based on ICT, that is Integrated Marketing Communication based on digital communication trends as a form of communication and information technology development. It is expected that the graduates can compete globally with expertise in the field of Strategic Marketing Communication by utilizing media facilities as demanded by the digital era today. With the concept of the curriculum, the MASTER of STRATEGIC MARKETING COMMUNICATION program can facilitate the needs of the industrial world, educational institutions, and communities in the field of communication and create intellectuals who are able to determine targeted marketing strategies through innovative marketing.


To become an Excellent, Professional and World Class Magister of Communication Program based on Information Technology ,Cultural Values and Local Wisdom.


  1. Educating and developing students’ self-potential with advanced knowledge through theoretical and practical abilities.
  2. Preparing students to be leaders in the field of Communication Studies with globally competitive expertise.
  3. Preparing students with the knowledge in accordance with the development of communication science to be able to compete through the development of research in the field of communication science.
  4. Educating students in conducting research that is competitive nationally and internationally / globally.
  5. Educating students in providing professional services in the field of communication for development and empowerment.

Graduate Competency:

  1. Graduates will able to develop communication theories (applied theory) through inter / multi disciplinary research in social life by utilizing the development of communication and information technology
  2. Graduates will able to innovate in the field of communication, including mass media, business communication, marketing for advertising business, and areas related to the field of communication.
  3. Graduates will able to propose alternative solutions to social problems through the innovative approach to the communication science.
  4. Graduates will able to manage and improve the performance of the organization with communication science approach both internally and externally.
  5. Graduates will able to formulate marketing communications strategy for company or products by applying the approach of communication science and utilization of communication and information technology.
  6. Graduates will able to develop a business plan by applying communications science specially in business communication.


Semester 1 Credits
Period 1 Advanced Theory of Communication 4
Research Methodology for Communication 4
Period 2 Philosophy of Communication Science 4
Research Proposal 4


Semester 2 Credits
Period 1 Cyber and Digital Marketing Communication Strategy 4
Public Relations and Global Marketing Communication 4
Period 2 Management of Business Communication 4
Media Relations Strategy 4


Semester 3 Credits
Period 1 Research Result 4
Period 2 Thesis 6



Program Concentration

  1. Providing students with advanced knowledge in communication science specifically in Marketing Communication which characterized by business and the use digital technology
  2. Providing students with knowledge of leadership and innovation in order to compete in global competition
  3. Equipping students with the knowledge and experience of international research to provide solutions in the social life of the community

Prospective Career

Profil Lulusan Prospek Karir
Praktisi Humas perusahaan atau praktisi komunikasi pemasaran
Manajer Manajer Marketing Communication, Manajer Marketing Public Relations, Manajer Corporate Communication
Wirausahawan Wirausaha di bidang komunikasi pemasaran
Narasumber/Ahli Narasumber/Ahli di bidang ilmu komunikasi/komunikasi pemasaran
Konsultan Konsultan komunikasi pemasaran
Staf Ahli Staf ahli di bidang komunikasi pemasaran baik pada pemerintah maupun swasta
Pengajar Dosen ilmu komunikasi di bidang Integrated Marketing Communication

Cara Belajar

Full Time

BINUS @Kemanggisan