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Program Description

The BINUS Graduate Program’s Master of Design excels in integrating design, technology, culture, and business with a sustainable approach. The uniqueness of this program lies in the concept of Advanced Designpreneur, which combines design expertise and entrepreneurship to create innovative solutions. The curriculum focuses on the integration of designs, technology, culture, and business knowledge. The program produces graduates as mid-level designers, global design entrepreneurs, design educators, and young expert design researchers. The graduates are expected to contribute to the rapidly growing creative industry, while bringing comprehensive design knowledge and skills. In addition to career opportunities in the creative industry sector, the program also provides a foundation for those interested in becoming researchers or pursuing further studies. With a technology-based approach and a commitment to sustainable designs, the program encourages the exploration, utilization, and management of design projects to create valuable new solutions in addressing design issues in society. Collaborations with industries in the final stages of learning give graduates the opportunity to receive reviews, recognition, and legitimacy that strengthen the quality of their final projects.
VISION The Master of Design program aims to nurture individuals into Advanced Designpreneurs, aspiring to be a World-class university fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation.   MISSION
  • Educating BINUSIAN to synthesize innovative design research and theory based on a blend of local and contemporary cultural values that is beneficial to both society and scholarship.
  • Generating proficiency in selecting theories and research methods for the scholarly development of design with an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Fostering design works produced through scholarly design methods utilizing information technology to address design challenges in society.
  • Empowering the ability to manage entrepreneurship in the field of design, adhering to sustainable concepts both as a professional and entrepreneur.
  • The scholarly development Master of Design focuses on applying theory and methodology to the knowledge of materials or objects, processes, contexts, and clients.
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary enrichment across design, cultural, and business knowledge can enhance the capabilities Master of Design Study Program graduates, enabling them to pursue careers in the design industry or other sectors, become academics, or establish their own start-ups.
  • Students will proficiently integrate diverse sources of knowledge and methodologies to create innovative designs. They will showcase competence in identifying research gaps, formulating hypotheses, and applying critical thinking skills to develop original design solutions.
  • Students will exhibit proficiency in choosing appropriate theories and research methods to advance scholarly development in design. With an interdisciplinary approach, they will adeptly analyze diverse theoretical frameworks and select methodologies best suited to investigate and innovate within the field of design.
  • Students will effectively apply scholarly design methods enhanced by information technology to tackle societal design challenges. They will adeptly leverage digital tools and platforms to innovate, prototype, and implement design solutions that address contemporary issues and contribute positively to society.
  • Students will be empowered to effectively navigate entrepreneurship within the design field while adhering to sustainable principles. They will demonstrate proficiency in managing design ventures, integrating sustainable concepts into business practices, and fostering environmentally and socially responsible approaches to design entrepreneurship.

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