The Master of Accounting allows students to develop advanced accounting knowledge and IT literacy while demonstrating the competency of how to conduct independent research. The curriculum covers contemporary business issues, such as financial accounting, strategic management accounting, business ethics and governance issues. The students will be encouraged to use their critical thinking and professional judgment to solve real problems. The program is appropriate for people interested in improving their accounting knowledge for their professional career aspiration. It is also suitable for people with limited knowledge in accounting on the assumption that they meet the entry requirements. The graduates of this study program are expected to not only be excellent in accounting discipline but also have insights on the use of IT for strategic decision making.


To implement a globally recognized and innovative Master of Accounting program by delivering information technology (IT)-based curriculum that meets the requirements of the global accounting profession.


The mission is to provide a high quality of Master of Accounting program through learning activities, research and community service by:

  1. Developing global accounting professions-oriented and IT-based curriculum;
  2. Preparing students for career opportunities through focusing on managerial responsibilities in international affiliated accounting firms, industry and government sectors;
  3. Enabling students to develop accounting knowledge and technology and implement it in the accounting profession by conducting internationally recognized research activities;
  4. Encouraging contribution to the local and global communities, accounting professions and accounting education through the provision of graduates with leadership as well as accounting and IT skills.


Program Concentration

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To fulfil global accounting profession needs by providing innovative and international standard study program through developing accounting professions-oriented and IT based curriculum;
  2. To provide career opportunities for graduates in managerial level at respected and multinational companies;
  3. To improve research skills of graduates by encouraging them to publish their research results in international journals and/or conferences;
  4. To contribute to the society by providing graduates with leadership as well as accounting and IT skills.

Prospective Career

Graduates in Master of Accounting have career opportunities in the managerial level at respected and multinational companies as:

  • External auditor;
  • Internal auditor;
  • Management accountant;
  • Chief financial officer.

Cara Belajar

Full Time