Marketing Communication Program is an interdisciplinary major that combines theories and concepts of Communication Science and Public Relations. Marketing Communication Program has two concentrations, i.e. Corporate Communication and Brand Communication. Both concentrations emphasize on developing communication skills using conventional and digital media, and the ability to design strategic communication plan for various stakeholders. Corporate Communication focuses on designing strategic communication plan to build and maintain good and mutual relationship with company’s internal and external public through diverse public relations tools, such as news releases and publications, social media, corporate events, corporate social responsibility activities, etc. Brand Communication focuses on designing strategic plan to communicate brands credibly to the related target audience, such as existing and potential customers, media, industrial associations, government-related parties, etc.

All concentrations offer advanced ICT and globally minded approach as the characteristic of BINUS UNIVERSITY. Not only our curriculum is up-to-date with industrial needs, but it also complies with the national standard of curriculum. Our curriculum consists of three-years study on-campus, and one-year enrichment program. During their four-years of study, students will be able to acquire professional, as well as international experiences.

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Program Objective

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge in communication to be implemented in research and community development.
  2. To prepare students with organizational and business knowledge in order to become successful professionals in public relations.
  3. To equip students with applied communication and entrepreneurial skills through enrichment programs to face the challenging global world.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to analyse cases in communication in order to provide a solution with the communication science approach.
  2. Able to conduct communications research by implementing the theories and concepts of communication science.
  3. Able to design solutions in communication science approach in order to deal with crisis communication both internally, externally, or community using a various media.
  4. Able to demonstrate professional ethics of communication which are appropriate with the context and relevant purpose.
  5. Able to write ethically to different level of societies using both, conventional and digital media.
  6. Able to conduct professional communication to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders using relevant channel.
  7. Able to design business plan in communication field.
  8. Able to develop strategic plan to communicate the brand to the target market using various media platforms.
  9. Able to develop strategic corporate communication plan to stakeholders using relevant channel.

Program Concentration

Prospective Career

Marketing Communication Program offers extensive industrial fields with prospective careers such as:

  • Corporate Communication: Public Relations Professionals, Corporate Communication Specialists, Media Campaign Specialists, Investor Relations Professionals, Industrial Relations Professionals, Corporate Secretary for Public-Listed companies, Government Relations Specialists, etc.
  • Brand Communication: Branding Consultant Specialists, Social Media Specialists, Professional Event Organizers, Community Relations Specialists, etc.

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