The International Business (IB) program focuses on implementing student-centered learning where the young minds are fostered not only through theories learned but also by providing a supportive environment to practice and discovery. As part of the Binus Business School International Undergraduate Program as the first private university in Indonesia to receive AACSB accreditation, IB aspires to be a purveyor of tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs thus evolving and adapting to the current business environment.

The IB program collaborates with prestigious partner universities that specialize in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and International Business and Trade. More than nine Double-degree programs and Master Tracks as well as an option of study abroad, exchange programs or immersion trips – are offered to IB students to gain their international exposure. Students are exposed to practical experience by partaking in the enrichment track offered by the program: Internships, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development, where hands-on learning experience cultivates not only hard skill competency but also honing student’s soft-skill.

Apart from learning global business and regional integration, the IB program is designed to cater for ASEAN-related subjects, which accommodates the need to equip the level of understanding of the business as well as cultural aspects in the Southeast Asian region. As part of the curriculum, students are required to join the Passage to ASEAN (P2A), an immersion trip to a number of ASEAN countries. This aligns with the application of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2016 for all ASEAN members. With relevant entrepreneurial skills obtained in class, it is expected that the students can grasp a wide range of business environments.

Students are exposed to global business applications and practices from around the world. The program is taught by well-qualified academics from prestigious business schools complemented with rich industry experience. The program also draws extensively upon the teaching experience of its international collaborative partner universities. Our international learning experience prepares our graduates to successfully engage with prestigious SMEs and multinational organizations.

Starting September 2020, IB collaborates with the University of Newcastle (UoN) to offer a 4+0 program, in conjunction with its 3+1 and 2+2 programs. The 4+0 collaboration allows students to earn two degrees from Binus International and the University of Newcastle while conducting a full four-year study in Binus International. The 3+1 program enables students to undergo a 3-year on-campus learning and a 1-year off-campus experience, while the 2+2 program facilitates students to take the first two-year in Binus International and the last two-year at a chosen partner university. The four-year study program is intended to equip students with the fundamentals of international business and management competencies while emphasizing the understanding of doing business in an international context, combined with in-depth cultural experience. Current case studies, articles, and textbooks pertinent to Southeast Asian (ASEAN) and entrepreneurship are carefully selected to enhance the students’ global perspectives. The program also incorporates company visits and guest lectures from prominent industries to assist students to obtain practical and dynamic outlook of today’s business environment.

The first year emphasizes the fundamental concept of management with substantial assessment in terminology definition and explanatory context. In the second year, students are trained to develop their analytical thinking, equipped with case study applications, in order to gain a wider business perspective. The third and fourth year will concentrate on the final assessment through critical thinking discussion, case study enhancement and an analytical final project that would accumulate and be completed by thesis writing as a graduation requirement.


In pursuing its vision, the International Business program provides:

  1. International exposure in academic activities through double degree and study abroad programs
  2. Internationally qualified graduates with innovative and entrepreneurial skills
  3. ASEAN business and entrepreneurial applied research and scholars

Program Objectives

The objectives of the International Business program are:

  1. To nurture graduates competency with international business practices and to be able to work in an international environment equipped with cross cultural skill
  2. To enhance innovative and creative mindset in applying business knowledge in international context
  3. To expose students to Southeast Asian business and entrepreneurial experiences
  4. To create ethical professionals and entrepreneurs with high social awareness
  5. To provide students with competitive attributes and ability to communicate effectively in a global environment
  6. To provide graduates with ICT competencies and skills required to compete in the international market


Upon completion of both degrees, students are entitled to obtain the following award:

Program Concentration

Study Completion Requirements

To complete a major in International Business, students must complete one of the streaming offered within the following double degree program. The total credit to fulfill is 146 SCUs (System Credit Unit). The following list is the Double Degree program dedicated for IB students, complete with the year of study and specialization courses. All courses from the partner universities will be transferred to Binus courses as part of one academic transcript. Students who completed both courses from Binus and partner universities are entitled to receive two bachelor certificates from the respective universities.

A complete study plan can be found in this link.

Streaming Specialization Degree Partner Program Duration(in year)
Double Title
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Innovation and Entrepreneurship  √ S.E &B.Bus University of Newcastle, Australia 4 + 0
Asian Business Studies Business Administration S.E. & B.B.A. SolBridge International School of Business, Korea 2 + 2
Business Administration S.E. & B.B.A. Ningbo University, China 2 + 2
Commerce & Management Accounting, Actuarial Science, Management, Economics, Finance, Human Resource & International Relations, International Business, Commercial Law, Public Policy, Marketing, Taxation, Information Systems S.E. & B.Com. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 2 + 2
International Business, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing S.E. & B.Com. University of New South Wales, Australia 2 + 2
Management S.E. & B.A. (Hons.) Bournemouth University, UK 3 + 1
Entrepreneurship Business Management with Entrepreneurship S.E. & B.A. (Hons.) Edinburgh Napier University, UK 3 + 1
International Business International Trade, Marketing Management, Financial Management S.E. & B.A. Cologne Business School, Germany 3 + 1

    Prospective Career

    A wide range of career opportunities in the different industries is introduced in which students will be prepared throughout the four years of study. The integrated curriculum is designed and developed to support students in building on their knowledge and practical skills as well as engaging with the industry. Options of career opportunities upon graduating from International Business are:

    • Entrepreneur
    • Accounting Manager
    • Finance Manager
    • Human resources Manager
    • Supply chain management Manager
    • International purchasing Manager
    • International business analyst
    • Sales Manager
    • Diplomat
    • Academic
    • Foreign sales representatives
    • International program Manager
    • Non-Profit Organization
    • Government

    The International Business Program provides an internship program for each student wherein the student may face the real challenges in industrial contexts. The program develops the students’ ability to be involved in professional practices, and ethical and organizational responsibilities. Furthermore, the industrial internship program provides students with real experience in the workplace and teaches them to cope with the work environment. In addition, a series of study/field trips to visiting professionals and industries will be conducted to give good grounds for having a broad overview of the industry. These experiences support individual career aspiration and may provide social and professional networks.

    BINUS INTERNATIONAL also provides career support for students by disseminating information on the latest job vacancies, internships, and workshops. This support service can be accessed from

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