International Business (International Program)


    Located in the heart of Jakarta’s capital city and part of the Faculty of Business in BINUS International, the International Business program (IB) is designed to encourage students to demonstrate their competencies in business-related content in an international environment. The program offers Double Degree, Study Abroad, or Master Track programs in various international partner universities. The experience of learning and traveling creates working opportunities through global internships and prepares our students to develop their cross-cultural skills as potential managers and professionals.

    The program is designated to cater for ASEAN-related subjects, which accommodates the need to equip the level of understanding of business, as well as cultural aspects in the Southeast Asian region. This aligns with the application of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2016 for all ASEAN members. With relevant entrepreneurial skills obtained in class, it is expected that the students will be equipped to grasp a wide range of business environments, both in the ASEAN region and worldwide.

    Students are exposed to global business applications and practices from around the world. The program is taught by well-qualified academics from some of the most prestigious business schools and with rich industry experience. The program also draws extensively upon the teaching experience of its international collaborative partner universities. Our international learning experience prepares our graduates to successfully engage with prestigious SMEs and multinational organizations.

    Program Description

    The International Business program encourages students to undertake Double Degree, Study Abroad, or Master Track programs in various international partner universities. The experience of traveling, living and/or even having internship abroad will bring opportunities for students to develop their cross-cultural skills. Moreover, students are expected to be exposed to different business applications and practices from different countries.

    The International Business curriculum is designed to meet high expectations of a concise yet comprehensive context in the global business environment and with an entrepreneurial mindset. The program introduced a 3+1 scheme, which enabled students to undergo a 3-year in-class method, and a 1-year out-of-campus experience. The four-year study program is intended to equip students with the fundamentals of international business and management competencies and understanding of doing business in an international context, combined with an in-depth cultural experience. All case studies, readings, and textbooks, related to Southeast Asian (ASEAN) and entrepreneurship are carefully selected to enhance the students’ global perspectives. In this program, they will learn practical skills and theoretical knowledge in international business to meet industry standards.

    The Head of Program

    “The International Business program offers applicable and updated courses related to the business context in Southeast Asia as well as worldwide. Our students are equipped with hands-on business applications and entrepreneurial skills, which enable them to develop their creativity and business-sense capacity. Supported by qualified lecturers from various nations and international standard facilities on campus, the International Business program welcomes prospective students to pursue their goals in developing an international business perspective.”

    Marko S. Hermawan, MIB, PhD – Head of the International Business Program


    Catalog 2013 (PDF); Catalog 2014 (PDF); Catalog 2015 (PDF); Catalog 2016 (PDF); Catalog 2017 (PDF); Catalog 2018 (PDF); Catalog 2019 (PDF).