Interior Design Program in Bina Nusantara (Campus Malang) is intended for those who have an interest in interior design creative. We prepare graduates to become designers who have the ability of problem-solving, teaching a knowledge and giving experience in designing on a scale of private housing to public spaces. Through various subjects designed to adapt to the latest technology, and combining between theory and practical knowledge, our graduates will qualified to design from a scale of housing to hospitality, business, furniture, interior accessories. Graduates are able to mastering latest technology in interior design, and have a capability to compete globally.


Becoming a world class Interior Design Program by producing interior designer graduates who have the power to carry nation’s culture, and flexibility in technology and information era.


Interior Design Program, Bina Nusantara University have a mission by contributing to the Global community through the of world class education standard by:

1. Educate students with basic interior skills, which promotes preservation of national culture,

flexible with the application of the latest technology by preparing the best learning facilities

for student.

2. Preparing students who can independently uphold ethics, local cultural heritage values and

entrepreneurial spirit that will contribute positively to the global community

3. Recognize and appreciate the creativity of students as self-development in the interior

design field.

4. Improving the quality of life for local  and international communities by meet the needs of

interior user community from the scale of private to public area.

5. Make creative interior design as a problem solving and professional services that focuses on

the science application into society.

Program Objective

Interior Design Bina Nusantara University (Malang Campus) objectives are:

  1. Producing high-potential, independent, creative & innovative graduates, able to develop added value based on local culture, and ready to work in the field of interior design and as a techno-preneur.
  2. Apply and develop creative science and technology in interior design field.
  3. Playing an active role in collaborating with the world of industry, national business, and local government to increase the potential of regional resources and the competitiveness of East Java and Eastern Indonesia so as to be able to utilize creative technology and global networks.

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are :

1. Able to develop interior design concept that integrate the result of behavioural, technical

studies, and values related to interior design.

2. Able to design interiors independently, both manually and digitally to meet the needs of user

from residential scale to public space based on design theory, user studies, and interior

design problems.

3. Able to design thematic interior elements (furniture, walls, ceilings, and floors) based on the

material’s technical and aesthetic characteristics.

4. Able to produce interior design work as a problem solver and community needs,

which can be academically accounted and fulfil the functional, aesthetic, construction, and

meaningful requirements.

5. Able to communicate ideas in visually communicative and informative forms.

6. Able to design interior and its elements that focused in local wisdom, green design,

sustainability values.

7. Able to create interior design work that are valuable as a professional and design-preneur

8. Able to pioneering an independent business in interior design sector.

9. Able to create the work of interior design and interior support products based on the latest

technology that are environmentally friendly and have a product novelty.


Bina Nusantara University – Interior Design Program (Malang Campus) have unique curriculum as follows:

  1. 2+1+1 student mobility,

Bina Nusantara University accommodating students who want to try to feel the experience of studying at Binus Jakarta for 2 semesters, starting from 4th semester to 5th semester. And after that, students must follow Enrichment Programs for a year (6th -7th semester).

  1. Enrichment Programs.

There are 5 Enrichment Programs that can be choose by students based on their interest, as follows: Internship Program, Research Program, Community Department, Entrepreneurship Program, and Study-Abroad Program to the cooperate-universities and/or industries.

  1. Streaming: Smart Living & Environmental Design.

Specified in Interior Design Program (Campus Malang), we provide expertise concentration in smart living system for interior design that environmentally sustain. With this major concentration, our graduates can better adapt and well-equipped to technology developments and able to qualified globally.

Course Structure 

Sem Kode Course Name SCU Total
1 CHAR6030 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
DSGN6747 Ergonomic and Anthropometry 2
DSGN6496 Sense of Design* 4
DSGN6497 Interior Drawing 4
ARTS6024 Art Principles 2
ARCH6110 Interior Technical Drawing** 4
English Courses I
ENGL6198 English in Focus 2
ENGL6199 English for Business Presentation 2
2 CHAR6031 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 20
DSGN6498 Interior Design I**/* 4
DSGN6499 Furniture Design I** 4
CIVL6097 Material Knowledge I 2
CIVL6096 Drafting and Detail Construction 4
ENTR6117 Entrepreneurship I 2
English Courses II
ENGL6201 English Savvy 2
ENGL6200 English for Written Business Communication 2
3 CHAR6032 Character Building: Agama 2 22
DSGN6500 Interior Design II 4
ARTS6031 History of Indonesian Art* 2
CIVL6099 Building Component Theory and Regulation 2
DSGN6802 Furniture Design II*** 4
CIVL6098 Material Knowledge II** 2
DSGN6803 Computer 2D Drawing 4
LANG6089 Indonesian Language 2
4 ARTS6025 History of Eastern Art 2 22
ARTS6023 History of Western Art 2
DSGN6804 Business in Interior Design*** 2
DSGN6805 Experimental Lighting Design ** 4
DSGN6806 Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) 4
DSGN6807 Technology & Lifestyle in Design* 2
DSGN6808 Interior Design III 4
DSGN6809 Interior Product Prototyping 2
Minor : Digital Technopreneur 16
Free Elective : Jakarta/Malang 16
Streaming : Jakarta 16
5 DSGN6810 Interior Design and Culture 2 24
DSGN6510 Interior Design Methodology 2
DSGN6811 Portfolio Development* 4
ENTR6512 Entrepreneurship III 2
DSGN6812 Exhibition Design 4
DSGN6813 Environmental & Sustainability Design** 4
DSGN6814 Interior Behaviour & Experience 2
DSGN6815 Interior in Digital Interactive 4
Minor : Jakarta/Malang 14
Free Elective : Jakarta/Malang 14
Streaming : Jakarta 14
6 Enrichment  Program I 16 16
7 Enrichment  Program II 16 16
8 RSCH6451 Final Project 6 6


*) Delivery in English;

**) Global Learning System Course;  

***) Entrepreneurship embedded

Enrichment Track Scheme

Track Semester 6 Semester 7
1 v v
2 v v
3 v v
4 v v
5 v v
6 v v
7 v v
8 v v
9 v v



I               : Internship

RS            : Research

ENTR      : Entrepreneurship

CD           : Community Development

SA           : Study Abroad

*etc        : Study Program Special Purposes

Student will take one of enrichment program tracks

Enrichment Internship Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I 16
DSGN6515 Industrial Experience 8
DSGN6516 Design Ideation in Industry 2
DSGN6517 Design Profession in Industry 2
DSGN6518 Self Management in Industry 4
Enrichment Program II 16
DSGN6519 Professional Experience 8
DSGN6520 Design Applied in Industry 2
DSGN6521 Design Process in Industry 2
DSGN6522 Team Work Activity in Industry 4


Enrichment Entrepreneurship Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I &II 16
ENTR6414 Business Start Up 8
ENTR6415 Business Model & Validation in Design Field 2
ENTR6416 Launching New Venture in Design Field 2
ENTR6417 EES in New Interior Design Business 4


Enrichment Research Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I &II 16
RSCH6379 Research Experience 8
RSCH6380 Scientific Writing in Design 4
RSCH6381 Global EES 4


Enrichment Community Development Track 

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I &II 16
CMDV6223 Community Outreach Project Implementation 8
CMDV6224 Community Outreach Project Design 4
CMDV6225 Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills in Design Community 4


Enrichment Study Abroad Track

Code Course Name SCU Total
Enrichment Program I &II 16
GLOB6093 Elective Course for Study Abroad 1 4
GLOB6094 Elective Course for Study Abroad 2 4
GLOB6095 Elective Course for Study Abroad 3 4
GLOB6096 Elective Course for Study Abroad 4 4
GLOB6097 Elective Course for Study Abroad 5 2
GLOB6098 Elective Course for Study Abroad 6 2
GLOB6099 Elective Course for Study Abroad 7 2
GLOB6100 Elective Course for Study Abroad 8 2
GLOB6101 Elective Course for Study Abroad 9 2
GLOB6102 Elective Course for Study Abroad 10 2
GLOB6103 Elective Course for Study Abroad 11 2
GLOB6104 Elective Course for Study Abroad 12 2
Enrichment Program II 16
GLOB6105 Elective Course for Study Abroad 13 4
GLOB6106 Elective Course for Study Abroad 14 4
GLOB6107 Elective Course for Study Abroad 15 4
GLOB6108 Elective Course for Study Abroad 16 4
GLOB6109 Elective Course for Study Abroad 17 2
GLOB6110 Elective Course for Study Abroad 18 2
GLOB6111 Elective Course for Study Abroad 19 2
GLOB6112 Elective Course for Study Abroad 20 2
GLOB6113 Elective Course for Study Abroad 21 2
GLOB6114 Elective Course for Study Abroad 22 2
GLOB6115 Elective Course for Study Abroad 23 2
GLOB6116 Elective Course for Study Abroad 24 2


Student should pass all of these quality controlled courses as listed below:

No Code Course Name Minimal Grade Semester Streaming
1 CHAR6030 Character Building: Pancasila B 1
2 ENTR6512 Entrepreneurship III C 5
3 DSGN6496 Sense of Design C 1
4 ARCH6110 Interior Technical Drawing C 1
5 CIVL6099 Building Component Theory & Regulation C 3
6 CIVL6098 Material Knowledge II C 3
7 DSGN6510 Interior Design Methodology C 5
8 DSGN6812 Exhibition Design C 5

Program Concentration

Prospective Career

  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Interior Design Contractor
  • Furniture Designer
  • Home Accessories Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Manufacturer of Interior Accessories

Cara Belajar

Full Time

BINUS @Malang