Information Systems (@Semarang)

Program Description

Introduction The need for Information Technology (IT) in the business industry has shifted into an environment that is more outward looking to compete in the free market. Information Technology is closely related to Information Systems (IS) in their joint support of the organization. They facilitate excellent procedures for the whole organization and strengthen its competitiveness. As a discipline, Information systems have been making positive contributions to a wide range of organizations, especially in this era of digital information where information can be accessed and distributed easily. Information systems help the organization in managing data as an asset, either collected or presented by information systems, which are possible to be implemented for problem-solving and management decisions making. The Information Systems Study Program was founded in response to the progressive demand for skilled human resources in the field of information systems.

Prospective Career

Graduates will have the necessary skills to work as: Marketing Intelligence Specialist Data Scientist System Analyst Business Analyst Business Process Analyst Digital Business Specialist Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Specialist IT Architect IT Consultant System Designer Database Administrator Database Analyst Data Scientist User Experience Designer/UX Researcher IT/IS Consultant Application Developer Web-Developer/Web-Designer IT Development Project Leader Software Quality Assurance Tester Social Media Specialist IT/IS Researcher Entrepreneur