Program Description

In this internet-of-everything era, the positioning of information systems in businesses has changed from secondary needs to primary ones. A good investment in technology in a business might give many positive contributions to the company in winning the competition. Technology couldn’t be successfully implemented alone by itself; its implementation should be supported along with a readiness for new business processes and also the people aspect of the company, which the students will learn about in the Information Systems study program. In this study program, students will also learn how to supply business needs with a suitable development, utilization, and investment of information systems.

Prospective Career

With the above-mentioned skills and knowledge, the Information Systems graduate is able to follow a career as: Project Manager, Applications Development Manager, Information Center Manager, Operations Manager, Emerging Technologies Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, IS/IT Audit Manager, UX Manager, System Analyst, Business Analyst, IS/IT Auditor, IS/IT Consultant, Applications Programmer, Database Administrator, Business Process Specialist, UX Specialist, Webmaster, Web Designer.