In this internet-of-everything era, positioning of information systems in businesses has changed from secondary needs to primary one. A good investment of technology in a business might give many positive contributions tothe company in winning the competitions. Technology couldn’t be successfully implemented alone by itself; its implementation should be supported along with a readiness of new business process and also people aspect of the company, which the students will learn about these in the Information Systems study program. In this study program, students will also learn how to supply the business needs with a suitable development, utilization, and investment of information systems.

A study program of choicethat excels in providing high-level Information systems education is specialized in business-IT, recognized internationally, and champions innovation. We produce graduates with international qualifications.

The mission of Information Systems Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:
1. Nurturing students and lecturers with creative and value-adding talents in Information Systems by creating a suitable environment.
2. Educating students in information systems, covering knowledge and skills in analyzing, designing and implementing information systems for improving business processes and to be able to create an innovative and valuable information systems solution, through intensive learning process, research activities and collaboration with global industries.
3. Providing integrated knowledge to pursue further studies and create outstanding professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders for a global community.
4. Providing professional services in Information Systems with an emphasis on the application of knowledge to society.
5. Improving the quality of life of Indonesians and the international community through leveraging Information systems solutions

Program Objectives
The objectives of the program:
1. To provide students with a solid foundation of system development skills and knowledge that they will need as a system analyst.
2. To prepare students with skills and in depth knowledge of information systems related to business intelligence, e-business and strategic information systems.
3. To provide students with the ability to use applied business knowledge for specific industrial purposes.

Student Outcomes
After completing the study, graduates are:
1. Able to identify and formulate the root cause of system performance information through data analysis and information on business processes.
2. Able to identify the needs of the database for building information systems.
3. Able to design, create and manipulate and implement computer-based information systems through the study of information systems to develop a strategic plan organizations.
4. Able to design, create, manipulate and implement computer based information system for new business model.
5. Able to communicate the alternative development of various types of information systems with their supporting aspects.
6. Able to communicate solutions of information systems management and utilization for achieving corporate business strategy.
7. Able to solve problems through the inter-discipline approach.

Program Concentration

Prospective Career

With the above-mentioned skills and knowledge, the Information Systems graduate is able to follow a career as: Project Manager, Applications Development Manager, Information Center Manager, Operations Manager, Emerging Technologies Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, IS/IT Audit Manager, UX Manager, System Analyst, Business Analyst, IS/IT Auditor, IS/IT Consultant, Applications Programmer, Database Administrator, Business Process Specialist, UX Specialist, Webmaster, Web Designer.

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