Faculty of Humanities


    English has been widely accepted as one key element for success. Graduates with eloquence in English and well acquaintance in technology are coveted qualities for further victory in the global competition. With the strenuous ambition to prepare its graduates as key players in professional and academic endeavors, English Study Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY aims to provide best learning experience. Such experience is gained by equipping its students with language and literature studies while cultivating capability of thinking in an analytical, logical and creative manner. In addition, each student is prepared to become a person, with high integrity and good character. To attain this, the English Study Program is designed to meet the demands of the market and industry for skilled and qualified English graduates. As such, the English Study Program aims to achieve the following objectives.

    Catalog 2013 (PDF), Catalog 2014 (PDF), Catalog 2015 (PDF), Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF), Catalog 2019