Doctor of Computer Science

Program Description

The Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) Program is a doctoral level program in Computer Science which emphasizes Research and Development in state of the art topics in Computer Science. The DCS Program offers concentrations in the Information System and Computer Science which are designed to be accomplished with 42 Semester Credit Units (SKS) in 6 (Six) semesters, including a dissertation. Each student will be fully exposed and involved with the draws on the faculty members’ diverse expertise and varied interests to develop high-quality research uniquely suited. to his or her interests. The Study Program encourages students to gain research experience by working closely with faculty members on a variety of industry projects and align with research roadmaps.

Prospective Career

As Professional Researchers and lecturer, actively conducting research and publishing their papers in high impact publication such as international journals and ability to bring their research into teaching class. As ICT Consultants, actively conducting high profile consulting projects with leading companies and producing copyrighted frameworks and or white papers. As the Owner of ICT Business Leaders, actively leading research based initiatives and actions in their respective company and becoming an agent of change in the improvement and or innovation of ICT industry best practices.