Cyber attack is raising and threaten ubiquitous world on internet today. Industry and government need cyber security expert to counter and defend from this threaten. Cyber Security program offer dedicated degree in cyber security assurance and defend, giving students technical expertise they need to confident to enter cyber war. Cyber Security is designed specifically by Computer Science, BINUS University to provide students with knowledge and expertise to penetration testing system and network, design and implementation of cyber defense architecture in the field of cyber security. Cyber Security program was found on 2015, under BINUS UNIVERSITY, it became one of the best programs under coordination of School of Computer Science and supported by government.

Cyber Security program designed to adapt with changing cyber attack and defend landscape while ensuring a solid academic foundation and aligned to industry and government expectation. Cyber Security focuses in cyber security assurance and cyber defense. Course structure its program allow students to gain valuable concept and practical experience in conducting penetration test and also apply knowledge in building cyber defense architecture and technology. Cyber security program has a strong base in computer science foundation subject as well as offering theoretical and critical thinking behind current cyber technology. Students learn in a project-orientated environment that encourages collaboration with industries and government and helps them discover cyber threat challenge and build system defense. Students are encouraged to collaborate, work to deadlines, maintain attendance levels and develop strong communication skills. As a result, the graduates are internationally renowned for their expertise and confident to enter the workplace as entry-level skilled professionals rather than technicians.


A study program of choice in Computer Science which focuses on developing cyber security solution for industry, is recognized internationally, champions innovation and delivers graduates with international qualifications.


The mission of Cyber Security Program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

  1. To educate students fundamental to advance knowledge, skill and practice in software development specialized in ethical hacking, cyber defense, and cyber forensic by providing an excellent learning environment and promoting research and collaboration with global industry;
  2. To provide IT professional services with emphasis in application of knowledge in terms of society development;
  3. To share application of knowledge related to cyber security for Indonesian and international community quality of life improvement;
  4. To promote students & lecturers to be creative and value-adding talents in cyber security by creating suitable environment in order to be able to compete in international level;
  5. To prepare students for becoming smart and good ethical cyber security professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in global market or for continuing in advanced studies


Program Concentration

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical, algorithm principles, computer science knowledge and ethical that will be needed in IT practice
  2. To provide students with skills to apply design and development principles in the construction of software system applied in database technology, intelligence system, networking and multimedia development
  3. To prepare students with abilities to keep up-to-date with the latest Cyber Security trends, developments and industries
  4. To prepare students with abilities in problem solving and good communication skills to be able to work as an individual or in a team in an IT environmen

Prospective Career

After finishing the Program, the graduate of Cyber Security Program could follow a career as:

  1. Penetration Tester
  2. Secure Software Developer
  3. Network Security Administrator
  4. Information Security Analyst
  5. Computer Security Architect
  6. Cyber Intelligence Officer
  7. Academician in cyber security (Lecturer, Trainer, Researcher)

Cara Belajar

Full Time