Computer Science & Statistics

    Double Programs


    Along with technological growth of computer at present, statistical technique becomes a tool which is widely used by many people to finish the problems better, such as problems in management area, research, business, marketing, quality operation, best quality, forecast, risk analysis of consumer satisfaction, environment, and others make the contribution of Statistics and Computer Science is progressively growing important. The combination of two study majors into one program is designed to maximize the learning opportunities for the student who chooses the double majors. To give working experience for student, we provide the facilities to practice in industry for 1 semester in national and international companies besides 4.5 years they study on campus. We facilitate students with job training at industry, research with industry and entrepreneurship program.


    A world class department in Computational Statistics based on ICT.


    The mission of Computer Science and Statistics Program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

    1. Educating students with fundamental knowledge & skills to apply Computational Statistics using ICT in acquiring business information for a career as a market researcher or business analyst;
    2. Providing solid learning experience through creating the most creative and value-added talents of leaders for global community as well as conducting professional services to improve the quality of life;
    3. Providing high impact research that positively contributing to the quality of life in Indonesia and the international community

    Program Concentration

    The objectives of the program are:

    1. To provide students with a solid knowledge ranging from Fundamental Statistics and Computer Science to Computational Statistics and Database Technology;
    2. To provide students with abilities conduct statistical analysis and marketing research to solve problem in related fields to be successful market researcher;
    3. To prepare students with necessary skills in developing database and be expert in data mining to be excellence business analyst.

    Perspective Career

    The graduates of the double Study Program Statistics and Computer Science are able to follow careers in:

    1. Business (Market Researcher, Forecasting Analyst, Actuary Analyst).
    2. Management (Business Analyst, Evaluator of Company Performance).
    3. Information Technology Area (Database Designer, System Analyst).
    4. Industry (Data Scientist, Decision Making Analyst, Quality Control Analyst).
    5. Finance and Accounting (Risk Analyst, Profit Growth Analyst).