Computer Science & Mathematics

    Double Programs


    The contribution of Mathematics and Computer Science to modern business practice is becoming more important as there are so many related fields such as process and system engineering, quality control, actuaries, product design/model planning, prediction, management and living environment, all of which use the most sophisticated electronics technology, mathematics, and computer software. The combination of two study programs into one study program is intended to maximize the capabilities of the students to solve problems in these many related fields. To give working experience for student, we provide the facilities to practice in industry for 1 semester in national and international companies besides 4.5 years they study in campus. We facilitate student to job training at industry, research with industry and entrepreneurship program.


    A world class department in Computational Mathematics based on ICT.


    The  mission of Computer Science and Mathematics Program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

    1. Educating students with fundamental knowledge & skills to apply Computational Mathematics using ICT in developing innovative algorithm and software for a career as an applied mathematician or system analyst;
    2. Providing solid learning experience through creating the most creative and value-added talents of leaders for global community as well as conducting professional services to improve the quality of life;
    3. Providing high impact research that positively contributing to the quality of life of Indonesians and the international community.

    Program Concentration

    The objectives of the program are:

    1. To provide students with a solid knowledge ranging from Fundamental Mathematics and Computer Science to Computational Mathematics and Computing Technology;
    2. To provide students with knowledge and abilities in conducting mathematical analysis and modeling to solve problem in related fields to be successful applied mathematics career;
    3. To prepare students with necessary techniques & skills in developing innovative algorithm and software to be excellence system analyst.

    Perspective Career

    The graduates of the double Study Program Mathematics and Computer Science could follow careers in :

    1. Information Technology area (Software and Game Developer, IT Consultant)
    2. Computer (Network Specialist, Computer Simulation Specialist)
    3. Industry (Educator, Quantitative Product Planner, Optimization Analyst)
    4. Business (Quantitative Credit Analyst, Actuary Analyst)
    5. Management (DSS Manager, Business Analyst)