Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Bina Nusantara University Malang is one of the Study Program of School of Computer Science Bina Nusantara University Jakarta. This study program focuses on learning process in the field of computer science with a Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom.) Academic Degree. The learning process is managed within 4 years by the 2 + 1 + 1 Program. The learning process in the first to third semesters is carried out in Malang Campus, East Java. The students then have the opportunity to study at Bina Nusantara Jakarta campus for a year, in the fourth and fifth semesters as part of the Mobility Program. Students also have the opportunity to enrich their learning with various partners of Bina Nusantara University for one year in the sixth and seventh semesters through Enrichment Program. The Enrichment Program offers five optional tracks: Internship, Entrepreneurship, Research, Community Development and Study Abroad. On the last semester every student takes a thesis as final course and will be guided by Faculty Member at Bina Nusantara University Malang.

Become Computer Science study program of choice in informatics that focuses on development creative informatics solution with international recognition

The mission of Computer Science Study Program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:
1. Providing education to students in order to enhance the science, skills, and practice in Informatics by providing best learning environment and promote research and collaboration with global industry.
2. Providing professional services based information technology with emphasis in applied science in order to develop society.
3. Enhancing quality of life in Indonesia by applying applied science in informatics.
4. Promoting students and lecturers to be creative and value added talent in informatics field by creating appropriate environment that support them to compete in international competition.
5. Preparing students to be global leader and ICT professional with smart and good character.

Program objectives of Computer Science Study Program are:
1. To prepare students with skills and knowledge for problem analysis.
2. To prepare students with software design skills and knowledge for problem solving.
3. To prepare students to assess new trends in information and communication technology to problem solving.
4. To prepare students with skills and knowledge in software application development for business innovations.

All campuses of Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Bina Nusantara University have the same core courses to ensure the main competency standards in Computer Science. However, every student also has the opportunity to enrich into various streaming in the fourth and fifth semesters. There are eight streaming (specialization) options for students of Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Bina Nusantara University Malang, namely Digital Creative Technology, Digital Techno-Engineering, Intelligent System, Database Technology, Network Technology, Network Security, Game Technology and Mobile Technology. Digital Creative Technology and Digital Techno-Preneur are streaming and minor programs that are fully held on the Malang Campus, while other streaming are held on Jakarta Campus by Mobility Program.

 Digital Technopreneur
Focus on creative software application development regarding digital business startup development.
 Digital Creative Technology
Focus on smart software application development based on big data analytics regarding business innovation and digital transformation on Industry 4.0. era.
(Digital Business Innovation and Transformation).

 Intelligent System
Focus on smart software development through complex algoritm based on Artificial Intelligence to solve problem.
 Database Technology
Focus on software development through database technology for business operation and business analytics and business intelligent.
 Network Technology
Focus on software development on computer network through computer network design and computer network programming.
 Network Security
Focus on secure software development through secure computer network design and secure computer network programming.
 Game Technology
Focus on interactive software development through game art, game design and game programming for entertainment and business solution.
 Mobile Technology
Fokus on software development through mobile devices platform.

The curriculum and programs of Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Bina Nusantara University Malang are designed to develop talents who are ready both as specialists in the field of computer science and as digital technoprenurs. In general, every graduate has expertise and skills as a software engineer or entrepreneurial computer programmer.
Streaming program is taken by student for further development of their specialist knowledge and skills in Computer Science in order to obtain additional prospective career.

 Digital Creative Technology. Peluang karir :
Smart Software Application Developer (Full Stack Developer), Interactive UI&UX Developer, Digital Business Model Developer and Transformer.
 Digital Technopreneur. Peluang karir :
Frontend Developer, Interactive UI&UX Designer, Digital Business Developer, Digital Technopreneur.
 Intelligent System. Peluang karir :
Intelligent System Specialist.
 Database Technology. Peluang karir :
Database Designer, Database Administrator, Business Intelligent Specialist.
 Network Technology. Peluang karir :
Client Server Programmer, Network Architect, Network Computing & Administrator.
 Network Security. Peluang karir :
Penetration Tester, Server and Security Engineer, Cyber Forensic Investigator, Secure Developer.
 Game Technology. Peluang karir :
Game Artist, Game Designer, Game Developer (Programmer), Frontend Developer.
 Mobile Technology. Peluang karir :
Mobile Apps. Developer, Mobile Programmer.

Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom.)

The curriculum of Computer Science Undergraduate Study Program Bina Nusantara University Malang is consists of 146 credit, 120 student activity transcript point and 30 hours community services regarding the hard skill and soft skill development. For 146 credit is consist of Bina Nusantara Higher Education Wide Courses, Major (Core) Courses, Streaming/Minor/Free Electives Courses, Enrichment Program Courses, Thesis. This curriculum is delivered by 2+1+1 program and supported by interactive multimedia computer laboratory, creative class, smart class, multi-channel learning, local and global partnership, collaborative learning experience with expert, industry sharing knowledge. Student activities, student creativities, student communities, community services and many other student experiences are supported by Student Activity and Development Center (SADC) and Study Program to ensure the achievement of student development program in hard skill and soft skill.

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