Communication (@Malang)

Program Description

S1 Communication BINUS UNIVERSITY Malang is a unique interdisciplinary study which integrates linguistic, sociology, psychology, anthropology, politics, and economics. This study program examines human communication process starting from idea conceptualization, delivery, until the reception of verbal and nonverbal messages. Students will learn about how to communicate effectively both directly (face-to-face) and through various medium (mass media, electronic, digital). All concentrations offer advanced ICT and globally minded approach as the characteristic of BINUS UNIVERSITY. Not only our curriculum is up-to-date with industrial needs, but it also complies with the national standard of curriculum. Our curriculum consists of two-years study on-campus, one-year mobility to Jakarta (optional) and one-year enrichment program. During their four-years of study, students will be able to acquire professional, as well as international experiences. Catalog 2020(PDF) ; Catalog 2021 (PDF)

Prospective Career

Communication Study Program offers extensive industrial fields with prospective careers such as: Intercultural and Interpersonal Communication Practitioner (Auditor Communication, Councellor, Brand Consultant, Ambassador); Public Speaker (Master of Ceremony, TV Presenter, Host, Reporter, Newscaster, Etc); Content Creator / Influencer (Youtuber, Blogger, Vlogger, Content Writer, Photojournalist, Etc); Business Owner (Production House Owner, Digital Campaign Business, TV Owner, Radio Owner, Editor, Photographer, Etc).