Communication (International Program)

    Faculty of Computing, Multimedia, & Technology

    The Bachelor program in Communications at BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL offers three streaming: Journalism, Public Relations and Entertainment Communications. The program provides an extensive knowledge of digital and non-digital communication skills, practices and technologies as an integral part of creating an efficient message to the target audience in the expanding new-media, as well as social, cultural and ethical knowledge to create responsible communication methods. The program works closely with some of the most prominent companies in their fields, partnering with local and international organizations, to offer students maximal exposure to a real work environment. Students will receive extensive opportunities to develop and discover presentation and consultancy skills and gradually be more and more exposed to partner organizations.

    The program is completed over the course of four years, during which basic communication skills courses are offered in the first year. During the first year all students will have a multitude of opportunities to meet industry specialists from Public Relations, Journalism or the Entertainment background, as well as visit a variety of business and creative working spaces, in order to orient themselves in their industry and their prospective job choices, Student’s work will be showcased across a variety of social media, with the aim to gain prominence and a community following in their field of interest. The following three-years, students will build on their prior knowledge to develop creative, critical and contextual thinking, as well as social, cultural and media business knowledge.