Started in 2002, the Chinese Department is one of the departments at the Faculty of Humanities, and it is awarded Grade A from the National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). The Chinese Department offers studies in Chinese culture, teaching, business. This information-packed course also gives students the opportunity to communicate and socialise in Chinese at the workplace. BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to educating the next generation and prepared them for competing in the global market. The Chinese Department of BINUS UNIVERSITY is the key to a fascinating career in the Chinese workplace. Chinese Department also has cooperation with many universities in China and other countries in providing short course, study tour, field trip, exchange (China and Taiwan University) full scholarship (1 year until 4 year, 1 year for study language, 2-3 years for study master and 3-4 year for study Ph.D.) for the students and alumni. Besides that, the Chinese Department offers a 1-year internship for active students which collaborate with international, national and multinational companies and education institutions. Strengthening diplomacy and economics between Indonesia and China opens job opportunities for students graduating from Chinese Literature. Learning Mandarin promises a bright future

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Excellence in IT, Chinese applied language skills, Chinese culture, and innovative as a role model for more competitive and adaptable graduates.


The mission of Chinese Department is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world class education by :

1. Educating and equipping students with knowledge and skills of all aspects of Chinese language and culture, while supported by IT, to make them highly competitive and most creative and value adding intellectuals and entrepreneurs.

2. Preparing students with outstanding character in the community through world class teaching, learning and

research experience, including access to further degrees in Chinese Language or related disciplines.

3. Providing students with the most recent and sophisticated knowledge applicable to be leaders of the global community and job market.

4. Supporting students and lecturers to be creative individuals through a variety of programs that foster the utmost potential of students and lecturers by conducting research and professional services to society and gaining additional resources for the development of Chinese education.

5. Improving the quality of life of Indonesians and the international community through mastery of Chinese Language and Culture.

Program Concentration

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of Chinese Communication Skills that they will need in various situations.
  2. To provide students with professional expertise that they will need to gain success in industry.
  3. To provide students with knowledge and application of Chinese culture.

Prospective Career

Lecturer, Translator, Interpreter, Professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector, Government Sector (Immigration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Communication, Education, Culture), Diplomat, News Presenter, Entrepreneur Training Center / Travel Agency, Foreign and Local Bank Employees, Employees at the Chinese embassy and the Indonesian Embassy in China, business actors (business set up e-commerce in collaboration with partners) from China; course owners and Mandarin educational institutions)

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