Business Management

    BINUS Business School


    In facing rapid growth in service business in the global market especially in the fields of service management,  business to business integration, and value added reseller that will bring more business impact in e-commerce, supply chain, logistics, product/service development,  and new value added services. It is necessary to provide graduates to fill the growing demand of professionals and entrepreneurs in the service business which is strengthened by information and communication technology (ICT), internationalization and sustainability competences. In the connection with that, Business Management Program provides the students a suitable curriculum to deal with these challenges. The Program has international business school accreditation ‘AACSB’ and national accreditation ‘UNGGUL’ from BAN-PT. The Program equips the students with management concepts, global mindset, creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills, ethics, digital service management and digital logistics/supply management. The service orientation will be a crucial competency in the future, namely ability in providing integrated solutions for customer problems. Therefore, the competency is needed by every business to be a competitive and sustainable business. The students will also get the updated knowledge and experiences from various industries and soft-skills training/workshops that enable them to survive and expand their capacity. The learning process is carried out through a variety of teaching-learning strategies encompasses e-learning, business case study, business simulations, laboratory, collaborative learning, international lecture, industry visit, role playing, free-elective course and enrichment program.

    Curriculum of Business Management Program has been designed to meet today’s global business challenges especially in terms of flexibility, adaptability, agility, and resilience. The curriculum encompasses 70% class-learning and 30% real-practices; 80% general competencies (management concepts, global mindset, creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills and ethics) and 20% unique competencies (digital service and supply chain management). In designing logistics/supply syllabus, we collaborated with Kuhne Foundation (Switzerland) and HAN University (Netherlands). In addition, in the curriculum includes 4 SCU (SKS) for free-elective course, namely any course (courses) that can be chosen by students from courses offered by all programs at BINUS University (outside the curriculum of Business Management Program). The Program also offers (international) professional certification in the sustainability report, service management, and logistics/supply chain analyst or professional.

    Graduates of Business Management Program will have prospective careers as e-commerce development, logistics/supply chain analyst, procurement/purchasing analyst, business analyst, business development, human resource development, business consultant, and service provider (servpreneur). The graduates also have competency in carrying out transformation from a traditional or manufacturing business to be a service business as business (servitization) analyst.


    Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF), Catalog 2019 (PDF), Catalog 2020 (PDF)

    This program is designed to face the challenges of entering the era of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in which many service companies will enter and service companies in Indonesia need to be able to compete properly. This program focuses on service business management, although other knowledge and skills are still provided.

    Career Prospects:

    • Careers in the service sector (eg bank, consultant, hospital, etc.)
    • Have entrepreneurial skills to run a business
    • Competence in managing management functions
    • Able to conduct management research