This Privacy Policy contains an explanation of the protection and use of data and / or personal information of users (“Users”) on the website which is managed by YAYASAN BINA NUSANTARA (“BINUS”).

This Privacy Policy applies to any information collected and used by BINUS when you as a user (“User”) access and / or use the website and other online or mobile services that link this Privacy policy to the User.

User Personal Data
To be able to access services on the website, Users need to register and complete information in the form of name, email address, telephone number, and other information needed by BINUS. BINUS can also request additional data which is optional but must be filled in to enable BINUS to provide additional services to Users.

The user guarantees and states that any information provided by the User to BINUS on the website is accurate, valid and legitimate information. BINUS requires users to submit basic information to facilitate the user identity verification process, and ensure that users are of legal age. If the information, including changes to information provided by the User, turns out to be incorrect, BINUS is not responsible for any and all consequences that may occur in connection with the provision of such incorrect information.

Age restriction
BINUS complies with age restrictions and requirements in accordance with applicable laws. The services on the website are for users who are at least 18 years old or already married and not under guardianship. If BINUS finds out that BINUS has accidentally collected personal information from Users who are under 18 years of age without the consent of the parents and / or legal guardians, then BINUS will ask the User to ask for consent from the parents and / or legal guardians to register in website If BINUS does not obtain parental and / or legal guardian consent information in the User registration account, BINUS will take reasonable steps to delete User’s personal information as soon as possible.

Collection and Use of Personal Data
All personal information provided by Users voluntarily during registration will be stored and protected by BINUS in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. User personal information will be used for the purposes of BINUS, including but not limited to the login and log out process on the website, for survey and research purposes in order to improve the performance and security of the website. id and online services.

BINUS collects User personal information when User uses the website, including but not limited to general location information which includes geographic information, IP address, city and state and / or zip code related to the IP address of the device User’s mobile and computer; reference source; the length of time the User uses the services from the website; visit period; page views and clicks, as well as other information are obtained by BINUS automatically when the User registers and / or uploads data and / or uses services on the website BINUS also collects data from social media accounts that are permitted by users to be accessed by BINUS.

BINUS will also send periodic updates to User accounts for a certain period in the form of information and / or promotions and / or changes to the website which will affect the User.

Users agree and allow BINUS to provide and / or distribute User personal data to third parties who have collaborated with BINUS for administrative purposes and / or product offerings and / or in order to improve services to Users.

User Rights
In accordance with the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia, the User has the right to submit a request to BINUS, to (a) provide access to and / or a copy of the User’s personal information stored on the website; (b) changes and / or additions and / or updates to User’s personal data; (c) delete User personal information from the website; (d) prevent the use and / or processing of User’s personal information for marketing purposes and / or provide information about Users to third party service providers.

Users can send requests to BINUS by contacting the BINUS contact service listed in the Privacy Policy

this i.

BINUS will consider User requests and provide responses within a period determined based on applicable law. However, the User understands and understands that for certain information and / or certain situations and / or certain circumstances, BINUS can exclude User requests, including if BINUS decides to continue processing User personal information for BINUS ‘legitimate interests and / or to comply with legal obligations. BINUS can ask Users to provide the information needed to confirm User identity before responding to User requests.

Security of User Information and data
BINUS is committed and has integrity in safeguarding User personal data and information, where User’s personal data and information will only be used for a limited purpose for BINUS activities and for no other purpose. BINUS will take technical and organizational security measures in protecting the information provided by users on the BINUS website from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. However, no Internet or e-mail transmission is completely secure or error-free, therefore Users are advised to take this into account when disclosing any information to the BINUS website via the Internet.

BINUS restricts staff who have access to user data, and most of them only have access to certain pieces of data needed to perform their tasks as part of our services. Our staff is not allowed to transfer or carry out data from the server. If necessary, BINUS will send notifications from time to time, to ensure that no party and / or other person makes changes to the User’s account without the user’s knowledge.

Connections to Other Sites
To make it easier for Users, the website provides links to other third party websites. Each site has its own privacy handling policy, therefore users must be careful and study the privacy policy statement that applies to these other sites before providing personal information. BINUS is not responsible for the content of these other sites and / or any information that users provide to these sites.

The acceptance of cookies is not a requirement to visit the website, but we want to show that for the collection of information that BINUS automatically obtains from the website, BINUS uses internet server logs, cookies and technology other similar tracking. This technology is used so that BINUS can understand and remember your browsing preferences. Cookies are small text files that identify the User’s computer to the BINUS server which allows BINUS to recognize you as a unique user when the User visits certain pages of the website, and is stored by the Internet browser on the User’s computer hard drive. Cookies can be used to recognize a User’s Internet Protocol address, save time while on, or want to enter the website.

BINUS only uses cookies for User convenience in using the website. User browsers can be set not to accept cookies, but this will limit the use of services from the website.

Privacy Policy Changes
BINUS has the right to change, add or reduce this Privacy Policy from time to time as part of BINUS ‘efforts to serve users better. Therefore, Users are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy periodically in order to be aware of the latest changes from BINUS.

Users can be aware of changes to the Privacy policy by looking at the revision date listed at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

If BINUS makes material changes, BINUS will provide notification in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the applicable legal regulations.

By continuing to use the services on the website, the User confirms that the User has read, understood and understood the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information
If the User has questions about the Privacy Policy or the use of information from the website service, the User can contact us via: