BINUS INTERNATIONAL gives us an education according to international standards. Why would we need to go overseas for studies when BINUS INTERNATIONAL has all the international facilities and educational system? Graduating from BINUS INTERNATIONAL will guarantee a bright future in your career. Thanks to BINUS INTERNATIONAL for making this happen!
(Dani Sena, SE – School of Marketing, graduation 2007)

About The Program

Marketing involves all activities and processes carried out to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange company’s products, services and offerings that bring value to customers, partners, and other stakeholders. With increasing competition in business, company needs and demands for marketing professionals and managers is likewise increasing. Marketing professionals and managers are required to have an understanding and mastery of key marketing concepts, tools, and technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Study Marketing at BINUS INTERNATIONAL?

The curriculum is designed to equip students with basic scientific marketing paradigms, theoretical frameworks, and applied skills as well as to familiarize them with contemporary technology to support their competence as future marketing professionals. Students have the option to pursue a double bachelor degree with our overseas partners and to choose a streaming and a minor title based on their interest.

Marketing Major and Streaming 2011/2012

Major Streaming Degree
Single BINUS Degree Double Partner Degree Partner University
Marketing Marketing & International Business   SE Bachelor of Arts in International Business (BA) Cologne Business School, Germany
Marketing & Management   SE Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (B.Com) Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Marketing Management SE      
Minor in Accounting SE      
Minor in Information Systems SE      
Minor in Computer Science SE      

Marketing Curricula

Marketing Core Subjects Marketing & Management Marketing & International Business Minor in Accounting Minor in Information Systems
  • MK 106 – Business Communications
  • MK 321 – Business in Indonesia
  • MK 206 – Business to Business Marketing
  • MK 219 – Communications & Public Speaking
  • MK 202 – Consumer Behavior
  • MK 419 – Customer Relationship Management
  • MK 421 – Distribution & Retail Channels
  • MK 210 – E-Marketing Management
  • MK 406 – Entrepreneurship
  • MK 214 – Human Resources Management
  • MK 401 – International Marketing
  • MK 320 – Marketing Communications & Promotions Management
  • MK 103 – Management & Leadership
  • MK 420 – New Product Development
  • MK 211 – Pricing Management & Strategies
  • MK 208 – Product & Brand Management
  • MK 314 – Relationship Marketing
  • MK 303 – Research Method in Marketing
  • MK 215 – Sales Management
  • MK 216 – Services Marketing
  • Mk 405 – Strategic Marketing
  • MK 204 – Supply-Chain Management
  • GS 204 – Industry Internship
  • International Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Essential Accounting Courses (5)
  • Essential IS Courses (6)

Career Outlook

The Marketing major offers a wide range of employment opportunities in marketing roles from branding, marketing communication, business development, product marketing, sales, market research, customer relationship, finance, campaign, to public relations.