International Student

    ACADEMIC YEAR 2016/2017

    Registration Guidelines

    Form Fulfillment
    1. Complete an Application Form (via agent, headquarter)
    2. Submit 2 (two) pieces of 3×4-sized photographs
    3. Submit 1 (one) copy of High School Reports (Grade 10-12)
    4. Certificate IELTS with 6.5 overall or better with 5.5 for Writing Module or better, or IBT of 80 overall or better with 18 for Writing Module or better

    Registration Types:

    1. Standard, the candidates are high school graduation.
    2. Scholarship, consist of Partial Scholarship.

    Choices of Lecture Shift: Regular Shift (R) between 07.20 am – 07.00 pm

    Maximum 24 credits per semester.

    The Entrance Test
    Every candidate must do the entrance test based on given schedule at entrance test card.

    • The participant must provide ID Skype for Interview Session with our Panel Interviewer.
    • The Entrance Test result is confidential and final.
    BINUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY only accepted candidates who enroll in accordance to the rules applied in this institution. BINUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is also not responsible to any risk that may arise in relation with the illegal persons who offer a guaranteed help and service and claim themselves as “The insider” or “Related to the Insider” in the effort of entering BINUS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.We do suggest the Candidate not to be persuaded by the ´promising´ offer from that irresponsible illegal person.
    Result Announcement
    If the candidates pass the entrance test, the candidates should complete payment of tuition fee 1st semester and return the re-registration document at admission office.


    The re-registration procedural will be individually explained in the re-registration guideline together with the re-registration form

    • Re-Registration Form
    • Proof of Payment for Tuition Fee 1st semester
    • Recommendation Letter from Indonseia Embassy/Consulate
    • Copy of Passport
    • CV
    • Copy of Certificate/Transcript (legalized)
    • Statement Letter of Health (from Doctor)
    • Statement Letter of Finance Guaranty
    • Statement Letter of Obedient Indonesia Law
    • 4 pc photo with red background