Thanks to God the Almighty and deepest gratitude is addressed to God who grants us life and gives blessings so that BINUS UNIVERSITY is able to survive, continuously develop, and achieve some acknowledgements. The BINA NUSANTARA Group has succeeded in developing BINUS UNIVERSITY to be an acceptable and valuable educational institution not only for all the Indonesian people from all walks of life as a whole but also for the educational world in particular. BINUS UNIVERSITY as an educations institution has shown its continuous commitment to be the best in delivering quality education that is relevant to industry needs. In order to achieve international quality standard, we continuously make our best effort to provide students with an excellent learning process, up to date course materials, and professional human resources to deliver knowledge and skill. Additionally, we apply the students-centered learning method, develop internationally recognized curricula with our industrial and international partners, and always measure and improve our quality as required by ISO 9001:2000 (since 1997).

There are a lot of changes as time passes by. Information technology grows rapidly and brings everyone into a vortex of competition. Potential human resources are needed to fill every opportunity offered by business world. BINUS UNIVERSITY is working on in its vision to be a world-class university that fostering and empowering the society in building and serving the nation. BINUS UNIVERSITY provides education, which is ready to face global challenge. We have passed through wonderful 39 years to serve education to national and international community from pre-school to higher education.

BINUS UNIVERSITY offers study programs, which give students time and space to decide which major they are willing to take by considering some innovative combinations. Some facilities have been prepared to support learning-teaching activities in dynamic and comfortable campuses. Each student of BINUS UNIVERSITY has become a member of BINUSIAN community. Being a BINUSIAN is not only a choice to reach an education with additional skill in technology application but also a first decision of an effective step. Visionary BINUSIAN community helps every BINUSIAN to foresee the future and dare to decide that being at the first place is not a dream.

This website is made to give complete information concerning the BINUS UNIVERSITY, its history, aims, vision and mission, organizational structure and quality management system. It also describes the educational system applied at the Diploma program, Undergraduate program and Postgraduate program. BINUS UNIVERSITY is trying to create new innovative breakthroughs as the best contribution to this beloved country, fits to the motto ‘Establishing the future through science and technology’. During the process of achieving its aims, BINUS UNIVERSITY needs a harmonious cooperation with any partners who concern the progress of BINUS UNIVERSITY. The cooperation bound up with partners so far will be kept and developed to reach better results in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, MM