Fashion Management

    About The Program

    There’s more to the fashion industry than meets the eye. To develop fashion products and services and to design business strategies that meet customer needs, players in this field need to analyze fast-changing market needs and trends based on social, economic, political, and cultural elements.

    Why Study Fashion Management at BINUS INTERNATIONAL?

    This double-degree program includes management and creative skills to develop creative expertise for the fashion industry and business knowledge for running it. Students are groomed to become qualified, professional experts in the fashion industry with knowledge in promotion, branding, visual communication skills and product development.

    Fashion Management Major and Streaming 2011/2012

    Major Streaming Degree
    Single BINUS Degree Double Partner Degree Partner University
    Fashion Management S.Sn BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Overseas partner university

    Fashion Management curriculum

    Course Name
    • Character Building
    • Pre-Academic English
    • Fabrics and Materials
    • Basic Art and Design
    • Fashion Illustration
    • Silhouette and Garment Construction
    • Fashion Industry
    • Introduction to Fashion Management
    • Academic English
    • Costume History
    • Digital Fashion Illustration
    • Design, Research & Concepts
    • Consumer Behavior for Fashion
    • FM Retail Buying
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Fashion Trends Forecasting
    • Fashion Design
    • Fashion Brand Strategies
    • Design Realization and Promotion
    • Business Communication
    • Fashion Futures
    • FM Entrepreneurship
    • FM Visual Merchandising
    • Marketing Research Methods
    • Retail Management
    • Fashion Communication
    • Internship for Fashion
    • Fashion Management Project: Preliminary Document
    • Design, Research & Concept
    • Marketing Research Project
    • Fashion Management Project

    Career Outlook

    Recruitment in the fashion industry has grown beyond recruiting graduates for traditional design and production roles. Focusing on acquiring knowledge of fashion business strategy and promotion, today’s graduates can engage in creative product development and in business management skills. These graduates are ready to work in retail industries; in fashion trends forecasting consultancies; in trends research companies; as well as in media, advertising and public relations companies.