I have been savoring every new lesson and experience I have come across and I am excited about my graduation, which will be the starting point of my contribution to my country.
    (Annisa Kusumawardhani Sabran – School of Accounting Intake 2008)

    About The Program

    Accounting is the language of business that plays a crucial role in Finance to formulate strategic business decisions and to understand business performance. Aside from preparing financial statements and analyzing cost and efficiency, accountants play important roles in mergers, acquisitions, quality management, information systems, tax strategies and corporate governance. Skills and knowledge acquired from this program will benefit students by helping them achieve their career goal as entrepreneurs or as professionals.

    Why Study Accounting at BINUS INTERNATIONAL?

    BINUS INTERNATIONAL offer the most innovative Accounting degree in Indonesia:

    • We are the first institution to teach International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) since 2005.
    • We offer a double-degree program with partner universities for worldwide career opportunities.
    • We use innovative courses and facilities with the most advanced software packages.
    • We have extensive industry links, particularly to the world’s Big-Four public accounting firms and opened opportunities for internships in companies.

    Accounting Major and Streaming 2011/2012

    Major Study Program Degree
    Single BINUS Degree Double Partner Degree Partner University
    Accounting Applied Accounting   SE Bachelor of Commerce in Applied Accounting (B. Com) Curtin University of Technology, Australia
    Accounting & Finance   SE Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (B. Com) Overseas partner university
    Accounting & International Business   SE Bachelor of Arts in International Business (BA) Cologne Business School, Germany
    Minor in Information Systems SE      
    Minor in Marketing SE      

    Accounting Curricula

    Accounting Core Subjects Applied Accounting Accounting & Finance Accounting & International Business

    Accounting for non-Profit Organizations

    • Accounting Information Systems
    • Accounting Software Package
    • Accounting Theory
    • Advanced Accounting I
    • Advanced Accounting II
    • Auditing I
    • Auditing II
    • Corporate Financial Reporting & Analysis
    • Cost Accounting
    • Economics Mathematics
    • Economics Statistics
    • Economics Theory
    • Financial Accounting I
    • Financial Accounting II
    • Financial Management for Business
    • Indonesian Taxation I
    • Introduction Accounting I
    • Introduction Accounting II
    • Introduction to Capital Market
    • Introduction to Risk Management
    • Management Accounting
    • Management Control System
    • Accounting (Auditing) 300*
    • Accounting (Decision Analysis) 308*
    • Accounting (External Reporting) 260*
    • Accounting (Financial) 250*
    • Accounting (Managerial Control) 301*
    • Accounting (Modeling) 330*
    • Accounting (Statement Analysis) 222*
    • Business Capstone 301*

    * at Curtin University of Technology, Australia

    • Accounting & Finance Specialization**
    • Quantitative Analysis in Finance

    ** At an overseas partner university

    • Business Strategy***
    • Foreign Language***
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business Elective***
    • International Business Specialization***

    *** At Cologne Business School, Germany

    Career Outlook

    As accounting is the backbone of any business, the Accounting major can access a wide range of career opportunities with distinguished career ladders in fields such as management, finance, tax, consultancy, financial audit, financial analysis, accounting and education in private and public sectors.