Sven Gunnar Peterson

    Head of Advanced Vocational Education

    Sven Gunnar Peterson is Head of Advanced Vocational Education with the German Foreign Trade & Logistics Academy (DAV) in Bremen, Germany.

    He was trained as Forwarding-Agent in an internationally operating logistics company, and spent more than 10 years of his professional career in South-East Asia working for global logistics-providers in Marketing & Sales as well as Air & Ocean freight.

    Mr. Peterson holds Chamber-of-Commerce certificates as “Logistics Manager”, “Logistics Professional” as well as “Approved Lecturer Qualification” and is now full-time Head of Department at the DAV.

    He has been lecturing intensively in Germany, Asia, and Africa relating to freight transportation and logistics topics, and has been delivering executive education and Train-the-Trainer seminars for a number of DAV partner organizations throughout Europe and Central Asia.