Provision of Courses


    • The Student will be solely responsible for determining whether the Course is sufficient and suitable for their needs. Neither King’s nor the Delivery Partner provide any guarantee that the Student will achieve a satisfactory pass rate in any assessment which forms part of the Course, or that the Student will have any will have any particular degree of competence following on completion of the Course.
    • The Student will provide King’s or the Delivery Partner with all information reasonably requested by King’s or the Delivery Partner in connection with the Course.
    • Unless indicated otherwise, Course Fees do not include travel, accommodation, subsistence, insurance or other costs that might arise prior to or during the term of the Course.
    • The Student agrees to comply with all applicable policies and regulations of King’s, the Delivery Partner and Host Institution
    • King’s or Delivery Partner reserves the right to remove the Student from a Course or exclude a Student from course premises if the behaviour or demeanour of the Student is considered unacceptable.
    • The Student warrants that it has all necessary visas, permissions and consents required for their stay and attendance of the Course.
    • The Student will be responsible for organising their own travel and accommodation. King’s and the Delivery Partner will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any person or organisation in connection with travel, accommodation, reservations or other arrangements.