The Closeness of BINUS and Local Community on Fast-Breaking Gathering

    On this year’s Ramadhan, BINUS UNIVERSITY once again organized a fast-breaking gathering with the local community, on Monday (30/7). Carrying the theme Puasa Sebagai Perisai Kemiskinan or Fasting as a Barrier for Poverty, the event was attended by Sinta Nuriyah Wahid, wife of the late Gus Dur.

    In addition to fast-breaking, BINUS UNIVERSITY through Teach For Indonesia (TFI) also gave away hundreds of staple packages and educational aid for the community who live around the campus.

    “Help doesn’t always come in luxurious packages. What counts is our concern and our deeds. If we care about them, we should be able to help others who are in need,” explained Community Development Center (CDC) Manager Maria Intan S., S.Kom.

    The gathering also became a hospitality event between BINUS and surrounding community. In addition to Muslim, people with other religions also participated, creating a friendly and warm atmosphere on the event.