Plaza Design 2012, Showcasing the Works of High-Achieving Students

    Plaza Design Osmosis BINUS UNIVERSITY

    Plaza Design, a routine event of Visual Communication Design Major in BINUS UNIVERSITY, has been held once again. With the theme of Osmosis, this year’s Plaza Design showcased 160 of the best works from the students. The event, which was held at July 10-14, 2012, also hosted a series of interesting programs.

    Plaza Design is a compilation of the best works from DKV Students, from the first to sixth semester. Andy Tantowi designed the character of Tribhuwanatunggadewi, Sangkuriang and Diponegoro Prince on his animation. Moh. Fahmi Siddiq came up with a photography work of ‘Para Pekerja Senja’ (Sunset Workers).

    “Our friends have the chance to explore more, and not only learning theories. In this event, we can show their works to the public,” Antony Octavia, Leader Project Plaza Design 2012, says.

    According to Antony, one of the purposes of Plaza Design is to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. “We want to educate our friends in Senior High School who want to go to design majors. Here, they can learn and prepare themselves because they get to know more about the tasks they will face in the future,” he explains.

    Osmosis is derived from the Latin word Osmose/Osmos which means ‘to push’. Osmosis is also a biological and chemical term, which describes a movement from low to high concentrate by penetrating the membrane cells to balance both of the concentrates.

    A qualified identity is highly crucial in the design world. Therefore, osmosis is being a perfect analogy to describe the fighting spirit of designers who must face various obstacles in finding the potential of their identities through an exploration of creativity. Designers must also be able to apply these traits consistently without forgetting about the function and quality of their works.

    “This is to describe our struggle, so we can explore better,” says Anthony.

    Plaza Design 2012 also had a number of programs, such as Wakom (a tablet used for drawing) Competition and mobile photography with the theme of ‘identity’. There was also a speed painting event with the theme of ‘changes in human character’.

    The committee also held a movie screening and discussion for the movie Belkibolang and Babibuta Yang Ingin Terbang. In addition, they had a show of Wayang Tavip. Meanwhile, in the discussion there are several speakers. Joko Anwar talked about ways to maintain idealism and quality. Raymond of Kopi Keliling talked about how to appreciate the works of local designers. Eko Bintang talked about Our Own Illustrative Theories. (YD)

    Plaza Design Osmosis BINUS UNIVERSITY