MOA BINUS UNIVERSITY – Tiri: Keeping Up with the Struggle: Fighting Corruption

    BINUS UNIVERSITY and Tiri – Making Integrity Work, London, England, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which regulates their cooperation on Integrity Education Network. The MOA was signed by the Dean of Humanities Faculty of BINUS UNIVERSITY, Drs. Johannes A.A. Rumeser, M.Psi., Psi and Head of Tiri Indonesia, Miranti Maruto, M.Sc at Kijang Campus, Friday (20/7).

    The main purpose of this cooperation is to make BINUS a partner on Integrity Education Network and to encourage BINUS’ active participation on IEN activities. Another purpose is to increase the number of students which will be educated with integrity concept and skills, and also to improve the quality of integrity education. Researches, trainings and other integrity-based activities will be organized for students, faculties, staff and public community focusing on education.

    In addition, supporting efforts from BINUS to articulate and support their integrity education as one of the examples of integrity practices through access on technical help on developing content, strategy and fund-raising of Tiri or other partners of IEN.

    “If we compare integrity education to a disease, our way of handling it is not by taking medication. Integrity is more than that. We handle it with long-term efforts, which is by building antibody. We should create a corruption-free generation,” Miranti said.

    In its application, BINUS will educate good integrity through courses on all departments or by integrating the substance of concept and integrity skills on available courses.

    To increase the number of students which are given integrity education proactively through courses and other activities. Also to provide support for faculties which provide studies on integrity topic to participate in IEN activities, regionally or globally.

    “To actively develop the integrity material and to divide it with Tiri and other working partners including members, a permission to face, translate and spread these materials,” Yohannes said.