“Disable is Not Unable” Seminar: Caring for People With Disabilities

    Psychology Student’s Association (Himpsiko) of BINUS UNIVERSITY cooperated with Mimi Institute in organizing a seminar themed “Disable is Not Unable” on Tuesday (20/3). The seminar brought the Founder of Mimi Institute, Mimi M. Lusli, M.Si, M.A and the Founder of Thisable Associate, Angkie Yudistia, M.Si.

    For almost three hours, Mimi and Angkie shared their experience in front of hundreds of students in the Auditorium of Anggrek Campus, BINUS UNIVERSITY. They were also campaigning equal rights for disabled people.

    “I’m like a spring. The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I’ll get. It feels like my creativity is being challenged,” explained Mimi who had a rough time in the past because she was considered incapable.

    It wasn’t easy for Mimi to rise and say “I am blind”, like what she’s doing now. Until she finally realized if she didn’t start right away, other blind people won’t be able to do the same things like other people. Just like Angkie, who was declared deaf since the age of 10. It took her years to overcome her troubles.

    The loss of sight and hearing created a certain kind of blessing in disguise for them. Mimi is more sensitive towards sounds, while Angkie will stare hard at people who talk to her because she can read lips. “Although I can’t see, I can maximize my other senses. I have my own way to actualize myself,” Mimi said.

    Mimi successfully finished her doctoral study on Leeds University. Angkie, on the other hand, finished her post graduate study and was listed as Finalist of Abang None West Jakarta 2008.

    The purpose of “Disable is Not Unable” seminar is to know more about people with special needs. For instance, we learn more about their daily activities, their learning process and their interaction with others.

    “People with special needs are not people who are unable to do anything. We want them to be treated equally, just like other people,” explained the Chairman of Himpsiko BINUS UNIVERSITY, Nauli Zhen. (YD)