Caring for Others with BNCC and Social Media

    BINA NUSANTARA Computer Club (BNCC) organized a talk show of SPBU for Social Care with the theme The Influencer of Twitter, on Saturday (3/3). The speakers were highly influential people on Twitter social network, namely Arief Muhammad (@poconggg), Alit Sutanto (@shitlicious) and Benazio Rizki Putra (@benakribo).

    In front of hundreds of participant, the three of them expressed the importance of sharing and how others affect their success. For Arief, Alit and Benazio, social network is not only a place to exist virtually or share joyous news. More than that, social network is also a tool which enables them to spread positive influence to a wider community. Hopefully their followers can get positive impact and embrace their positive spirit to perform good deeds.

    “To encourage them to empathize more, we need to try to spread a positive influence to the society, and we can do this by using social network,” explained Ferry Hatono, the Project Leader.

    The talk show SPBU for Social Care is a part of a series of charity event organized by BNCC, called Barcode. They hope to help others in need and encourage people to empathize more.

    “We hope this talk show can encourage the participants to help others in need and at the same time represent a successful step to support BARCODE (BNCC Charity for Solid Education),” Ferry concluded. (YD)