Library and Knowledge Center of BINUS UNIVERSITY Alam Sutera is Officially Opened

    Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) continues to expand by opening a library at BINUS UNIVERSITY Alam Sutera. The formal inauguration was conducted by Vice Chancellor III Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA and Vice Chancellor IV Dr. Ir. Boto Simatupang, MBP on Monday, (20/2).

    Library and Knowledge Center (LKC) has been one of the most important supporting units for BINUSIAN on their studies in BINUS UNIVERSITY. LKC is playing an active role in spreading information which improves the Tri Dharma in higher education.

    In this location, LKC provides books for all majors in Alam Sutera campus, which are Animation, Accounting, DKV-New Media, Finance, International Business & Management, International Marketing, Management, Marketing Communication, Engineering Informatics and System Informatics.

    “All our facilities in Anggrek Campus are available for students (of Alam Sutera –red). Also, we will add more books,” explained the Library and Knowledge Center Manager, Karen Vanessa C. Congratulations, MLIS. (YD)

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