Knowledge Discovery in Biochemical pathways using MinePathways

    Ford Lumban Gaol

    This paper appears in:
    Journal of Computer Science 6 (11)

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    Problem statement: The advancement of the biochemical research gives profound effect to
    the collection of biochemical data. Approach: In the recent years, data and networks in biochemical pathways are abundant that allow to do process mining in order to obtain useful information. By using graph theory as a tool to model these interactions, it can be formally find the solution. Results: The core of the problem of mining patterns is a subgraph isomorphism which until now has been in the NPclass problems. Early identification showed that in the context biochemical pathways has unique node labeling that result simplifying pattern mining problem radically. Conclusion: Process will be more efficient because the end result that is needed is maximum pattern that could reduce redundant patterns. The algorithm that used is a modification of the maximum item set patterns that are empirically most efficiently at this time.

    Key words

    Biochemical pathways, graph theory, subgraph isomorphism, NP problems, maximum
    itemset pattern