Exploring The Pattern of Habits of Users Using Web Log Squential Pattern

    Second International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control, and Telecommunication Technologies – ACT 2010

    Jakarta, Dec 2-3, 2010

    Ford Lumban Gaol


    Web mining consists of three aspects: Web content mining, Web structure mining, and web usage mining. The most important application of web mining is targeted advertising. Sequential mining is the process of applying data mining techniques to a sequential database for the purposes of  discovering the correlation relationships that exist among an ordered list of events. An important application of sequential mining techniques is web usage mining, for mining web log accesses, where the sequences of web page accesses made by different web users over a period of time, through a server, are recorded. This paper proposes web log sequential pattern mining using Apriori-all algorithm. We called as Apriori-all Web Log Mining. The experiment will be conducted base on the idea of Apriori-all algorithm, which first stores the original web access sequence database for storing non-sequential data. The experimental result will be given with analysis on further refinement.


    Web mining, Tree-Projection web mining