Paying Respect to the Graves of BINA NUSANTARA Predecessors

    Patriots who founded BINA NUSANTARA FOUNDATION have contributed greatly. To honor and respect them, tens of the foundation’s employees visited their graves at Gunung Gadung Graveyard, Bogor, West Java, Friday (23/12).

    On the graveyard, located on top of a hill, three founders of BINA NUSANTARA foundation were buried. They are Joseph Wibowo Hadipoespito, Cecilia Setianingsih and Widia Soerjaningsih, the first BINUS UNIVERSITY rector.

    Pilgrims prayed for the souls of the dead and praised the Lord. Prayers were conducted in Catholic manners. After prayers, pilgrims scattered flowers on the graves of BINA NUSANTARA founders.

    Vice Rector III BINUS UNIVERSITY Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA led the prayer. Also present between the pilgrims were BINUS UNIVERSITY Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, MM; husband of the late Widia, Eko Santoso, members of the faculty and the foundation.

    In this opportunity, Eko Santoso expressed his gratitude for the pilgrims. “Hopefully this commemoration can help us in improving BINUS, just like the dreams of our predecessors,” Eko said.

    Harjanto Prabowo also expressed his gratefulness. “It has been our annual tradition to offer our prayers on this graveyard. Hopefully our prayers represent our wishes to continue to work on the dreams of BINA NUSANTARA founders,” Harjanto said.