Observation of Exclusively He-Induced H Emission in Cooled Laser Plasma

    Zener Sukra Lie, Hideaki Niki, Kiichiro Kagawa, May On Tjia, Rinda Hedwig, Marincan Pardede, Eric Jobiliong, Maria Margaretha Suliyanti, Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid, Koo Hendrik Kurniawan

    This paper appears in:  Journal of Applied Physics 109

    Issue Date:  23 May 2011
    On page(s): 103305-1 – 103305-4



    An experiment was performed for the observation of H emission induced in a cooled laser-induced atmospheric pressure gas plasma of He atoms in their metastable excited state. The strong H emission detected clearly established, to the exclusion of other well known major excitation processes, the exclusive contribution of the He-induced excitation (HIE) mechanism. The process is suggested to take place by means of energy transfer from the excited He atoms to the H atoms via Penning collision induced ionization involving electron exchange. The result further shows that this mechanism may also work for elements other than H and thereby strongly suggests the use of ambient He gas to broaden and complement the applications of standard laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.