Transnational Higher Education Summit (THES)

    Transforming Indonesia Higher Education for Global Competitiveness and Citizenship

    • 20-21 October 2011
    • Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education
    • Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta Hotel

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    or please contact:

    M: (+62 815) 925 0331
    T: (+62 21) 534 5830 ext 2128/2170

    [UPDATE]: Profiles of Speakers THES 2011

    Indonesian Higher Education is at the forefront of many international and national agenda. This is seen by:

    • Indonesia as the fourth most populous nation in the world, with over 240 million people, the third largest democracy and the most Muslim-populated country has had over 6 percent GDP growth in most of the recent years
    • The Indonesian ‘demographic bonus’ from now to 2035, as recognized by Professor Faslil Jalal, Vice Minister of National Education, Republic of Indonesia
    • There are estimated 21,170,300 Indonesians aged 19-24 who could potentially receive a tertiary education locally or internationally
    • The US – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership formally launched by President Barack Obama and President Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono on November 9th 2011, including the U.S. government’s commitment to investing USD 165 million in higher education collaboration over five years
    • Recognized as part of ‘CIVETS’ and ‘CIVITS’ emerging markets, foreign investments into Indonesia continue to increase

    Indonesia is poised to take on significant role in the global arena and impact. To prepare ourselves we need to ask:

    • How will Indonesian Higher Education Institutions prepare our youth with critical attributes, knowledge and skills to actualize growth?
    • What are the global responsibilities that come with growth?
    • What synergies are needed between industrial partners, international Higher Education partners and Indonesian Higher Education to accelerate the readiness of next generation of Indonesian leaders?

    Transforming Indonesian Higher Education for Global Competitiveness and Citizenship’

    20th and 21st October is the place where such relevant, important and meaningful discussions will take place.

    What will happen at THES?
    The Summit will be based on three main dialogues:

    • 1. Forecast of Opportunities and Challenges for Indo HEI
    • 2. ‘Must See’ Changes in Indo HEI for Global Competitiveness and Citizenship
    • 3. Making it Work- Creating solutions from the familiar to the unconventional

    Dialogue panelists from vital international and local Industries, leaders from local and international Higher Education Institutions, and Government and Policy-informing bodies will weigh in on the most pressing issues aiming for understanding, innovative partnership and solution-creation. All participants are invited to contribute to the richness of discussion and practical solutions during breakout sessions after the dialogues.

    Why should YOU attend THES?

    • Be part of pioneering community that actively creates future solutions to transform Indonesian Higher Education
    • Gain a network of thought leaders and change-agents who are passionate about creating value and impact for Indonesia
    • Develop partnership that can best position own company, institution to realize future growth
    • Get a head start in trends and needs to cultivate next generation leadership

    Who should attend THES?

    • Industry leaders, directors, Corporate Strategy and Learning teams who seek to optimize strategies, systems, and talent for future growth
    • Government and Organization leaders who create, inform and influence education policies
    • Higher Education Senior leadership setting vision and direction of institutions
    • Local and international educators tasked to develop curriculum and learning for future workforce
    • Career Counselors and Education Agencies seeking to understand the future education landscape and its active interface with industry and non-profit organizations