Bioinformatics Research Interest Group

    Bioinformatics Research Interest Group (RIG) is a research arm of Computer Sceince Graduate Program under the auspicious of BINUS University’s vision in establishing itself as a world-class university that encourages innovation through research activities. The RIG is the place for exchanging ideas among faculties and students to foster discovery and innovation in bioinformatics science.

    Bioinformatics itself can be defined as:

    • the application of information technology (IT) to the field of biological sciences;
    • the development and advancement of databases, computational and statistical methods, algorithms, and theory to solve practical problems arising from the management and analysis of biological sciences data.

    Consequently, BINUS University Bioinformatics RIG is concentrating on the subsequent research activities:

    • Focus on the development and management of biomedical databases
    • Emphasis on computational and statistical analysis of medical research data
    • Concentrate on developing and applying computationally intensive techniques (e.g., data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms) through its leading edge and advancement in the IT world

    Research Collaborations

    BINUS University has signed an agreement with Dharmais National Cancer Hospital in three major areas. One of these major collaborations is in the area of medical research in which the University provides the IT solution and the Hospital provides access to the medical data. With the present of Bioinformatics RIG, this collaboration has been enhanced by providing the expertise in research design, research methodology, data mining, data analyzing, reporting, and publishing. Currently, the following research activities are underway:

    • Radiodiagnostic Utilizing Image Analysis (with Department of Radiology)
    • WHO CanReg 5: Modification and Implementation for Indonesia’s Deployment (with Cancer Registry Unit)
    • Characteristics of Cancer Metastasis to Bone

    Our research collaborations with PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia is focus on Polyclinic Information System. Thus far, we have completed research in the area of:

    • Occupational health care system
    • Disease management module
    • Nutrition control using smart card
    • Electronic medical record module
    • Emergency medical response module

    Another potential research collaboration is with University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles (USA). USC School of Medicine ranks among the top 25 U.S. medical schools in total federal research funding. Through its Biostatistics Division, Cancer Surveillance Program, Radiology Department, and Institute for Global Health, several joint research collaborations can be established.

    For those who are interested in joining Bioinformatics RIG, please contact Dr. Bens Pardamean (Head of Bioinformatics RIG) at