Faculty of Humanities


Started in 2002, the Chinese Department is one of the departments at the Faculty of Humanities, and it is awarded Grade A from the National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). The Chinese Department offers studies in Chinese culture, teaching, business, Mass Media and Advertising. This information-packed course also gives students the opportunity to communicate and socialise in Chinese at the workplace. BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to educating the next generation and prepared them for competing in the global market. The Chinese Department of BINUS UNIVERSITY is the key to a fascinating career in the Chinese workplace. Chinese Department also has cooperation with many universities in China and other countries in providing short course, study tour, field trip, exchange (China and Taiwan University) full scholarship (1 year until 4 year, 1 year for study language, 2-3 years for study master and 3-4 year for study Ph.D.) for the students and alumni. Besides that, the Chinese Department offers a 1-year internship for active students which collaborate with international, national and multinational companies and education institutions.


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