Quality Management Center (CMC)

    BINUS obtained its ISO 9001 certification in 1997, and since then it has a unit that monitors the quality assurance of the university. The unit was called BKM. The adoption of QA system at BINUS has triggered the application of support-related management systems such as the use of balance scorecard as a tool of performance indicator for the institution, the implementation of Internal Audit, and the practice of study program self evaluation. In October 2005, BKM Changed its name to CfQ (Center for Quality Assurance) which the function was broadened, the stakeholder can use it as a knowledge management center and as a support unit when QA is needed to be implemented. Every study program of BINUS uses the CfQ for BINUS community’s (students/alumni, lecturers, heads of study programs) knowledge enrichment in the context of quality assurance. For the long term CfQ is used not only by institution and BINUS Community (BINUSIAN), but also by others HEI. CfQ provide information on the development of quality management system for an HEI.

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