LinguaCultura Volume 1

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    Volume 1 No 1, May 2007

    Menik Winiharti [FULL TEXT]
    English Participial Clauses and the Strategies Applied in Their Indonesian Translations

    Introduction to Research Methodologies in Language Studies

    Ruth Sih Kinanti
    Family Relationship in Gabrielle Lord’s Lethal Factor

    Yuliana; Rica S.W. Goeridno
    Stylistic Analysis: Gender Influence in Reporting and Reading News

    Linda Unsriana
    Didactic Value in Japanese Children Fairytale (Analysis of Tsuru No Ongaeshi Fairytale)

    The Influence of Choukai on Nihongo 4 Study on Speaking Ability of Semester IV Japanese Student on UBINUS

    Nur Saadah Fitri Asih
    The Effectivity of Oral Drill Method Usage for Speaking Ability Practice of Japanese Language in Basic Class

    Yi Ying
    Comparation Analysis of Chinese Grammar Learning Application between Face to Face Learning with Combination of Long Distance and Face to Face Learning

     M. Herwiratno
    Kelenteng: The Last and New Fortress of the Growing of Tionghoa Culture in Indonesia

    Andyni Khosasih
    Religions Followed by the Descendants of Chinese – Indonesians

    Volume 1 No 2, November 2007

    Masda Surti Simatupang
    How Ambiguous is the Structural Ambiguity

    Endang Fauziati
    Promoting Learners’ Autonomy through Individualized Learning

    Chevy Corvette: Icon of American Life in Fifties

    Clara Herlina K.
    Teacher’s Use of Code Switching in the Classroom and Its Implications on Students’ Score

    Sri Dewi Adriani
    The Existence of Shinto Religion on Matsuri Celebration in Japan

    Ienneke Indra Dewi
    The Comparison of the Monolingual and Bilingual Japanese Students in the English Achievement

    Nalti Novianti
    The Impact of Play, Anime, and Japanese Music on the Interest of Japanese Language Learning

    Henny Lim
    The Role of e-Learning in the Increased of Interest and Learning Process of Mandarin Language

    Cendrawaty Tjong
    A Glimpse of Chinese-Malay Literature

    Zhang Bin
    The Establishment and Development of Confucius Institute