Publication Computer Engineering: International

    No. Lecturer`s Name Title Publication Year Seminar Publication
    1 S. Liawatimena, Pgdip.App.Sci., Dr. RF Application as a Communication Line For Panic Button in Real Estate Makakah Seminar Internasional yang dipublikasikan dalam Prosiding Seminar Soft Computing , Intelligent System & Information Technology,pada tanggal 26-27 Juli 2007 di Hard Rock Hotel – Bali,  ISBN : 978-979-756-250-2 2007 1 1
    2 S. Liawatimena, Pgdip.App.Sci., Dr. Analysis and Design of Fishing Ground Marking and Fisherman Guidance System Makalah seminar internasional yang dipublikasikan dalam Proceeding of International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics, pada tanggal 17-19 Juni 2007, Institut Teknologi Bandung, ISBN : 978-979-16338-02 2007 1 1
    3 Iman H. Kartowisastro, Ph.D. Local Positioning System of A Mobile Robot : A Practical Perspective Makalah seminar internasional yang dipublikasikan dalam 2006 9th Int, Conf, Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, Singapore, 5-8 December 2006 2006 1 1
    4 S. Liawatimena, Pgdip.App.Sci., Dr. Next Generation of E-Learning : Building a Virtual University Makalah seminar internasional yang dipublikasiskan dalam prosiding seminar internasional, Open University Malaysia The 6th SEAAR Annual Conference 2006,  Transforming Higher Education for the Knowledge Sociaty, ISBN : 983-3588-54-9, pada tanggal 5-7 Sept 2006 1 1
    5 Rinda Hedwig, Dr. Preliminary Spectrochemical Analysis on Fossil Sample Using Laser-Induced Shock-Wave Plasma Spectroscopy Makalah seminar internasional yang dipublikasikan dalam prosiding The 8th International Conference on Quality in Research (QIR), pada tanggal  9-10 Agustus 2005, FT-UI, Depok, ISSN : 1411-1284 2005 1 1
    6 Rinda Hedwig, Dr. Low Pressure Plasma Confined in a Miniature Cylindrical Chamber and Its Application for In-Situ Elemental Analysis Laporan Penelitian yang dipublikasikan di Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 44, No. 1A, 2005 2005   1
    7 S. Liawatimena, Pgdip.App.Sci., Dr. Cintinuous Improvement Teaching And Learning : Sharing Practice From Bina Nusantara University Makalah seminar internasional yang dipublikasikan dalam South East Asian Association For Institutional Research (SEAAIR) 2005 Indonesia Conference Proceeding,  Higher Education Reform Facing Local Global Chages, pada tanggal 14-16 September 2005, Bali, I 2005 1 1
    8 Iman H. Kartowisastro, Ph.D. Levering Higher Education System In Computer Studies Toward A Single Mind Of Technology Development and Market Acceptance Makalah Seminar Internasional "Asia Pacific Conference On Arts, Science, Engineering, and Technology", Tanggal 5-8 Oktober 2004, Di Bandung 2004 1 1
    9 Rinda Hedwig, Dr. Characteristics of Hydrogen Emission in laser Plasma Induced by Focusing Fundamental Q-sw YAG Laser on Solid Samples Laporan Penelitian yang Dipublikasikan dalam Majalah ilmiah Internasional "Japanese Journal of Applied Physics", Vol.43, No.7A, 2004 2004   1
    10 Rinda Hedwig, Dr. Hydrogen Emission Spectrochemical Analysis Using Laser Induced..… Laporan Penelitian yang dipublikasikan, Physics Journal, Vol.A5, No.0221, 2003, ISSN : 1410-8860 2003   1
    11 Rinda Hedwig, Dr. Confinement Effect In Enhancing Shock Wave Plasma Generation at Low Pressure By TEA CO2 Laser…. Laporan Penelitian yang dipublikasikan, Spectrochimia ACTA, Vol.58B, No.3, 31 Maret 2003 2003   1