Automated Angklung, Indonesian Traditional Musical Instrument Player Based on Raspberry Pi

    Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from Indonesia made of bamboo tubes which have different length to produce different tunes. Nowadays, it is losing its popularity as only few young generations are interested in playing this instrument. To get their attention, an electronically controlled Angklung is created by setting a three-octave Angklung to an automated player consisting of DC motors controlled by Raspberry Pi. This system can download songs from the online cloud and can be played either manually or automatically. User can write songs directly into the system, which can play more than 50 songs automatically and continuously for 8 hours. The accuracy of the whole system is 99.8% to 100% and it can download 100 songs from the cloud within 201.9ms or 11.2ms from the local storage. In future, this instrument will be integrated with other traditional music instruments to form an automated traditional musical orchestra.

    Automated Traditional Music Ensemble

     Automated Angklung

    Automated Bonang